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WHAT is this picture of that's accompanying my posts!

Asked by sable (73points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

It seems a little frightening to me!

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Its a jellyfish!

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Oh! Like the logo? Okay, that’s not so bad. I won’t mention what I thought it was!!!

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Gallbladder? ;)

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With a lovely name like Sable (French for sand), just add a little beach or ocean waves.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

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@sable, if you don’t like it you can go to your account preferences and change it. See what @delerium did? It’s her looking absolutely gorgeous! Or you can do like me who knows that the last good picture I took involved shoulder pads and 80’s hair! :-)

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Hahahahaha, you flatter me, fluthermother. ;)

And I learned something new about the word sable. Hmm. it really only means “Really nice paintbrush” to me, usually.

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To be accurate, it is “le sable.” (Saab-luh)

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Interesting. (Honestly, I mean that). The paintbrush is pronounced the alternate ‘american’ sounding way.

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its the mascot of fluther

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@D: as in say-bel, right?. My grandmother, mother and sister are all painters. And I use some small sable brushes to touch up the poly on my window framing.

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I’m still questioning a few of the default photos though, it’s a little hard to tell that some of them are jellyflishies.

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Yep. (That’s how its pronounced as far as I know. If i’m wrong, i’ve trusted the wrong art professors)
I adore them. They’re divine. I’m very picky about my brushes, and get really cranky working with those totally synthetic bristles.
And what kind of mediums do they (your family) do?

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And fluthermore, what does a Bacio Cat have to do with jellyfishies?

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@Del: grandmother (long gone) oils; Mother at 93, slowing down – acrylics; sister – oils, pastels, water colours, charcoal, now doing tempera and lugging raw eggs to her studio.


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What variety! I can’t say i’ve ever done tempra, but its a very impressive and beautiful medium. Its very cool that you have such a strong art heritage.

I usually say it as more of a bell, than a bull.

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I can hardly write a legible sentence in longhand. I, and the other members of the family are writers, of one sort or another, altho my son was also a prof. photographer. My bro-in-law is one of the country’s experts in 19th century lumenist or Hudson River Valley paintings.

I had a friend in Phila. who imported stripped-down 18th century pine furniture from Alsace-Lorraine. Then she decorated the pieces w. cassein, etc so chemically they tested as old paint. The PA. health dept. closed her down for a while since she was also using animal blood as a mixer. Her studio did smell like an abbatoir, I must say.

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Hahaha, If good handwriting were a requirement, there’d be a lot of artists out of a job.

I apologize for the incomplete response, i’m watching a ballroom dancing competition on PBS HD which is proving to be too distracting for me to word a coherent answer. I apologize again.

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Ahh yes, some of these jellies do resemble these:

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If we are totally off the subject….......look at @Kay now that is looking absolutely gorgeous! Not that ‘D’ isn’t attractive, maybe a bit too goth for me. However, we are who we are and my pic will never go up on Fluther!

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@Gail: “luminist”; “casein”. love, s.

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Thank you. I stared at luminist and wrote it both ways….hoist again. love g

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