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Who is a better basketball player- Lebron James or Allen Iverson?

Asked by youknowconnor (256points) April 11th, 2008
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I would say LeBron James. I am not a basketball expert but he seems to make a team better. Allen has improved in this area, but he seems to want to BE the team.

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lebron james

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AI is the team! No just kidding. Iverson is the better player for now. Lebron just started and doesn’t have the history/experience that Allen has.

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Lebron is the better player and he’s still young. Give him a few more years, and he’ll be one of the best in the game.

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It is pretty hard to compare the two, Iverson is a one of a kind 6 foot guard who was one of the most prolific scorers in a league dominated by guys much bigger then him. LeBron is a BEAST that is 6–8 240 that when he wants to can get to basket and score at will. They both willed their teams to the NBA Finals at one point in time but I think if I had to take one or the other for one game I would take Iverson. Lebron is a poor free throw shooter and falls in love with his sub par jump shot. If your asking at the end of their careers who will be better I would say LeBron because he has a lot of potential and he is still young and has time to develop where as Iverson is in the tail end of his career. Having said that I think Iverson is better right now but LeBron can certainly change that.

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