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Should the Lurve Box change?

Asked by mrentropy (17188points) January 15th, 2011

Lurve box… I’m not particularly enamored of gaining ‘Lurve’ but I have to admit that I find it strangely irritating to have a certain score then log in later on and see a bunch of +5’s in my Lurve Box and see my Lurve score hasn’t changed.

So, if you’re not actually getting points maybe it would be better to show something like:

+GA for answering…
+QA for asking…

and save the +[number] for when points are actually assigned.

That’s just my two cents, you probably feel differently.
Lurve shack, baby

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Well, no programming is likely to be done so it is moot after all.

I can see your point. SOmetimes I have strings of GAs and no points to show for it.

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I guess you’re right. I had envisioned it being a quick 5-minute weekend job but it could be more than that.

I’ll hold off on my suggestion about using Lurve points to buy special avatars, icons, and decorations.

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Perhaps a lurve ratio of lurve/responses or lurve/questions could be useful in evaluating the effectiveness of a user in answering questions. If someone has a low ratio, it would indicate more social activity or non-respected answering than serious question answering. But humor is frequently rewarded too, so that would skew the numbers. I suppose it just might be helpful for a newbie or those wishing to avoid the social scene on the site to add the more productive users to their fluther or something.

On the whole, I think lurve is an excellent idea. In theory, someone who provides wiser answers should achieve a better lurve ratio. If one cared about their lurve ratio, they would provide the sorts of answers that they would hope would be most useful.

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I find these discussions moot at this point too. I’m just hoping Fluther stays extant.

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Is there reason to believe it won’t? I don’t attend any town hall or community type events and am unaware of any problems.

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I’d guess it would just be a coding issue, but I know little about those things, so I don’t know how they would do it. I rarely look at my lurve, so I don’t really mind it as it is now.

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I personally like it as it is now… or maybe I should say that I think the current system is fine. The lurve points thing is practically moot for myself at this stage in the game, anyway, considering a lot of people have maxed out on me. I like seeing that I’ve gotten GAs, regardless of whether there are actual points attached. In terms of the actual details, who/why/whatever, I can usually figure that out.

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It doesn’t bother me as it is, I just feel flattered that so many people have maxed out on me.

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@MissAnthrope I wasn’t addressing the system, just how it shows up in the Lurve Box. And I only mention it because when I see all the +5s.. Well, let’s say that it’s like dreaming you have a Ferrari and then waking up knowing you don’t have a Ferrari but still feeling slightly disappointed when you see your 13 year old Honda with a wire hangar for a radio antenna sitting in the driveway.

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@mrentropy Are you aware of the fact that you can only receive a finite amount of lurve from a given user?

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@cockswain Yes. Indeed. That was, in fact, the entire reason for mentioning the fact that it says +5 for whatever even though you’re not getting any points for whatever because there’s a finite amount of lurve from a given user.

If that isn’t the case, and there’s no message if, say, UserA (who is maxed out on me) gives me a GA, then the math is off somewhere.

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Ah, I see. Yes I guess that is misleading.

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I do see your point, and it would probably decrease the number of times newer folks contact me to say their lurve isn’t working properly. It’d be a nice little change, but I’m not at all sure what kind of work would be required to make it so. Right now, our focus is on just keeping the site in good working order, so I wouldn’t look for this type of change any time soon.

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@augustlan I had thought about that being a benefit, a decrease in Lurve questions. But I came to the conclusion that while those questions might go down, other questions like “Why aren’t I getting points and what’s with the +GA and +GQ?” would go up.

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@mrentropy You’re probably right about that. :)

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We definitly shouldn’t buy stuff with lurve points. Maybe just a special shirt or gold watch for people who reach 100k lurve.

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