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Should I be concerned that someone here sent me a comment that said, "Chuck Norris invented jellyfish."?

Asked by sable (73points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Umm, what does this mean?

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Its just hairypalm’s way of welcoming you =p

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I would be concerned. Some users have strange obsessions with things. Don’t touch it and it might go away.

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Only if you don’t truly believe that.

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I heard he had something to do with that and now that I have read it on the Internet I know it must be true.
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id be concerned that people are still into the whole chuck norris thing.

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I don’t get anything about this post…..

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@johnny0313x hairypalm has an unhealthy obsession with chuck norris. He answers many a questions with chuck norris “facts”. He evidently sent one to sable in a comment who is a new member and has no way of knowing this so sable was probably sitting at the computer pondering out loud WTF!?!?

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Ohhh okay I see….i think chuck norris is gross…..

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Those were my EXACT words!!!

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haha yeah….even when he was doing the work out stuff….it made me feel like getting fat…

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@johnny0313x- did you do a Chuck Norris workout or something?

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No, and if I ever did, i’d hope to have a heart attack in the process so he got bad press ”=P

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LMAO!! I would be more concerned about the name.

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Ya, the whole Chuck Norris thing played out in about 2004.

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When does an old joke get so tired that it keels over and dies?

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Dont want to sound like hairypalm, but you perfectly set this up: A joke keels over and dies when Chuck Norris kills it!

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