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Carpet cleaning services vs. renting machine?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) April 11th, 2008

is using one of the rentable machines effective and easy? or would my money be better used to hire a professional?

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What’s the price difference? I’ve rented the machine before, it was super easy.

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Not a direct answer to your question, but one thing I’ve learned is that it’s important to get the chemical/cleaner completely out of the carpet via multiple rinses. The guy we use costs more, but he gets all the cleaner out. This keeps the carpet cleaner longer because there’s less for the dirt to stick to. If you go with a company, look for one that professes “zero residue” or something along those lines.

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@peedub: not sure what the rental costs, but a company would run ~$200
@kevbo: great tip! that wouldn’t have occurred to me until after i’d already had it done

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I don’t know, I’m all about DIY but $200 isn’t all that bad. I guess it depends on what your schedule looks like. I will say that it’s not hard for a first-timer. The worst part is waiting for it to dry.

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@peedub: hmm…do you remember what the dry time was?

my other concern was a couple of heavily soiled areas near my front door and patio door. i thought a service might be better dealing with these, than i.

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A full day, perhaps.

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We bought a dry shampoo machine from eurika and the vacuum and we love it and its much cheaper. You should at least check it out.

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I mean oreck not eurika…oops

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Wow, those work? That guy is the television ad king.

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renting is a pain. If you have a small car it is a hard fit. Chemicals are costly. You have to clean the machine before you return. Hard to get into corners. Very heavy. Takes a long time. You have to move furniture. Never comes out as nice as you thoughtvit would. Call a pro, u can negotiate the price, sometimes sears runs specials.I never felt it was that costly, unless you have a huge house. It comes out much better than DIY, plus they get the tough stains out.

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I think hiring a professional to clean the carpet is much more easier that doing it yourself. There are many certified professionals who carry out this cleaning process effectively and are qiuite reasonable as well. You can get more details on them at online.

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