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Best work out routine?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) April 11th, 2008

Recently I started using a bowflex to work out 4–5 times a week. I have already seen a result as I have been doing it for over a month. However I was told not to work out everyday but instead work out and take a day off then work out etc. Also every now and then I should take a few days off to let my muscles repair themselves. Is this true? Also what other advice do you have? I am very serious about this and want to make sure I am being effective. I have not changed my eating habits, which usually consist of late night meals and occasionally fast food. Is this really a huge contridiction to working out. I have a fast metabolism so I don’t think it is a huge deal. I know diet is just as important to fitness, but Is it okay for me to eat this way as well ?

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You should take at least one day off a week, and incorporate some aerobic excercises(for cardiovascular health). If you just do anaerobic(weight and resistance training) your cardiovascular health may suffer. Also, make sure our diet is high in protein.

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Why does it have to be high in protein, won’t that give me gas and make me gain weight lol. Also running is a good aerobic exercise right? Why i would my cardiovascular suffer?

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Your diet should be high in protein because it increases muscle mass and muscle recovery. Running is good aerobic exercise, and your cardiovascular health can suffer if you only lift weights because it doesnt increase tour heart rate like running or biking would.

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Well, the one I was thinking about doesn’t involve a Bowflex!!!

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Oh I plan on buying a bike soon so I think I should be okay. Also does sex count as aerobic exercise? lol

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@johnny0313x: Only if you’re on top. :-P

No, seriously, I read that in a health mag. Makes sense I suppose.

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The amount of protein you should eat daily depends on your target weight; there’s a simple formula, so many grams of protein per pound of body weight. Then you add carbohydrates and fats proportionally to that, and make sure you eat a variety of food.

And you shouldn’t weight train any muscle group more than two days in succession; weight training actually damages the muscles, and the rebuilding is what makes them stronger. The rebuilding takes about a day after you damage them – so if you work the same muscle group two days in succession, you’re re-damaging it before it’s fully recovered from the last round, which is counterproductive.

(And that rebuilding is why you want a good quantity of protein in your diet, too.)

Finally, sex as aerobic exercise—if you get your heart rate into the target zone for your age and keep it there continuously for 20 minutes to half an hour…..

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also make sure u alternate which body part ur doing, so do upper body one day and lower body a different day, and resting on another day. Remember, don’t discourage yourself, and always push yourself every workout. Make sure u eat healthy and drink enough water every day, and try not to eat fast food very much, and if u do, choose the healthier items from the menu.

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Diet is a huge part of your health and seeing results! I have seen this over and over with people who kick their butts in the gym day after day and barely see results. Or they see results while they are working out, but if they don’t work out for a week, their bodies go back to where they were very easily. You should really considered cutting out the fast food. And remember its not as much about looking good as it is your health. Eating whole foods and eating as much raw as possible. Also, I huge concept I have learned is the importance of getting a good balance of Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio of fats in your diet. You want to eat more Omega 3. Great sources of this are Krill Oil, Sardines, Walnuts, Avocados, Hemp Seeds and Flax Oil. Good Luck!! Look up great advice!

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