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What kind of business would make a cool and original tycoon game?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) January 16th, 2011

There are a lot of tycoon games out there, and it seams like they let you do almost anything, from running a small bakery shop all the way up to running a giant transportation empire.

I my self am working on a little tycoon game of my own, one where you run a stamp collector/dealer shop. While working on the game, I have started to realize how I could adapt the core of the game to make other tycoon games, so I decided to ask this.

What other real life businesses would make a good and original theme for a tycoon game? It could be more or less anything, such as a mechanic’s repairs shop or a dentists surgery. It does not even have to be a business, a government organization such as NASA could also work.

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Hotel could be good, Casino, uhh University or school, I’d like a modern-day version of SM’s Pirates haha… maybe a really in depth one, which emulated all facets of business and global markets, so you could build a trans-sector business empire like some of those Japanese companies i.e. Matsushita (Panasonic), running out of ideas now… hmmm banking & finance would be fun, but itd be hard to see where normal gameplay stops, and the cheating begins, hurr hurr….

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btw are you the guy I remember loving TTD from before?

God, that game… now I’m thinking about it, but I really need to study….

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Formula One Grand Prix motor racing team. That would make a great simulation game.

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what about alien trafficking… like in men in black movies?
or pirated games sales man?
or poultry tycoon?

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@The_Idler I am a big TTD fan yea, I’m just playing the latest OpenTTD version at the moment.

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cocaine cartel management in a latin american country.

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Porn Tycoon.

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“Help corporations circumvent the law whereever it is possible and become rich.”

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Organised crime. It’d be called The Syndicate or something similarly sinister sounding.

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drug lord tycoon lol.

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How about an auction or pawn shop, auto building extreme <- this one could have the last level means having to build a car for Jay Leno that will top any other he already has lol

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