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How do you pronouce crayon?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34524points) April 11th, 2008

ive always said crown. I dont know why.

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[krey-on, -uhn]

Cray-on, apply directly to the forehead.

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I guess it comes out as “cran”.

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“crown” so improper, but so right!

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How do you spell pronounce?

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cray-on. Even the french are with me on this one…

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This is the best question ever asked on Fluther. I have been debating this with my wife for years. She pronounces it “cren”. I pronounce it ” cray-on”. It will be interesting to hear from the “collective” on this one.

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“Cren” really, wow. Never heard that one. Cray-on.

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@peedub, he must not have Firefox cause if he did it would have corrected the word for him, well put that little red line under it signifying that it was spelled wrong :)

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its cray-ON!!!!!! Ive never in my life heard of the cren or crown nonsense.

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neither… For some reason, I’ve always called them CrayOlas.

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@thehaight, its a really bad habit, people always think im am talking about a “head dress” like for a king or a queen, then i realize what i’ve done and say oh i mean the cray-ONs, like you say. hahah

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Seriously, “hey kid, can I get a crown?” ” No, sir, I am not a king or a queen.”

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Haha you guys are funny.

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spargett: mine comes out “cran” too.

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cray-on; for sure.

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Unless you were reading something that said “crown” It’s CRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

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@peedub and ppcakes i have firefox but it doesn’t spell check in the question box and ive come to rely on spell check unfortunately.Neglected to copy the question down to the detail box to check it and thats how lazy i am.

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Cray-on is the only way I’ve ever heard it spelled. I guess in different areas of the country/world people with different accents say crayon differently.

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I agree. I can see someone with a country accent pronouncing it “cran”.

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It sounds like “cran” when I say it and I’m from California. As my grandpa who lives in Tennessee would say, “It’s her Californian accent.”

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oh ok. Well I am from CA and ive only heard “cray-ON”... :)

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“Cray-ON”? Does this mean I and all my kindergarten cohort were wrong
when we learned to say “CRAY-on”?

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Haha sorry susanc,
I was emphasizing the “on” because it seemed like some people pronounced it wayyy differently, like they were leaving out the “on” part. But I’m done with this post.. Lol. I’ve never thought so much about the word crayon before in my life… Yikes

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@haight, yes I really knew that, I was just being a dink.

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My son came home from college for the weekend. We’re all native Californians (way back). I asked him to say it and he said “cran”. My husband and I both pronounce it fully. The only thing we can figure out is maybe his Kindergarten teacher from South Africa mght have taught him cran. He INSISTS he pronounces both syllables but distinctly says cran. Weird…then we got into a discussion about pumpkin, corner, Washington, wash, and social and how we say those.

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@Seesul: I wouldn’t think it would be his teacher if they are from South Africa, they would emphasize the -on sound, rather than ignore it.

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@bluemukaki, I was thinking the same thing, maybe it was my mom’s influence (from Louisiana). i picked up some of her pronunciations and he was around her a lot. Funny, in the same discussion, I pointed out to him to say it in French, as he is fluent in the language. He pronounced it perfectly, but still insists he’s saying the on when saying it in English, that we just don’t hear it.. What fun language can be!

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I like to pronounce all the syllables that are in the word. Like Crayon and Caramel.

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Kar-a-mel , not Car-mull or Car-mel =P

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=] Care-mull

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how about water?
I hear people say “wooder” all the time, drives me crazy.

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Being from “Long guy land,” I am somtimes guilty of saying “waughter.”

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actaully Eambos thats exactly how i say it.

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My family laughs at me every time I say “button.” I guess it sounds like I leave out the double-T’s. Apparently I do this with a lot of double-T words.

Button = Buh-on.
Kitten = Kih-en.
Rotten = Raw-en.

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worsh the clothes in the wooder in Worshington, D.C.

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Anybody remember this?

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A girlfriend of my son’s ma got a new husband who was a brit. He was
training all the kids to come to live in England. He was training them to talk right.

“Don’t say WADDER. Say WOO-TA.”

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This has been a year-long arguement at my school. in Oklahoma, its CRAY-on…but apparently in Arizona (my friend INSISTS) that its CRAN.

it has TWO syllables and an O. so im gonna stick with CRAY-on.

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As for Crayon “Krey-Awn” aka “Cray-On” As for Carmel, Kare-A-Mul except i say it really fast and it souds like “Kareamul”

Cereal would be “Serryul” and Water is “Watt-er” Wash is “wash”

Park the Car In the Garage is “Park tha kar in tha guhragh”

I believe its “Cray-On because thats how its Spelled and the commercials all say “Cray-Olla Cray-Ons”

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My friend from Kansas insists they are “crowns” (?). Everybody in Missouri calls them “crans”.

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