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Which is the perfect age to get married?

Asked by eng_husam (28points) January 18th, 2011

please give me yoyr opinion

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How many times are you planning on getting married?

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I suppose that would be the perfect age for any two individuals to get married to each other. There’s no perfect age for everyone.

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There is no perfect age. We are all at different levels of maturity at different ages. Some people get married at 17 and have very happy and successful marriages, other people get married at a much older age and were in no way ready for such a commitment. It is an entirely individual thing.

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Well being over 18 helps. In some cultures the boy should be 5 years younger than the boy. I do not believe in that personally. Just as long as you love each other there is no age thing. Just be over 18. 25 and above is good too because you can finish achieving your goals and ambitions..No need to rush in a serious matter like marriage..

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Best age for boys 22 to 30.
Best age for girls 18 to 25.

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Do let me know when you find out, I won’t hold my breath :¬)

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When your partying’s over and before you get too old and selfish!

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The day before you die, I guess.

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There is no perfect age. There can only be a more ‘convenient’ age, but that is not set in stone. I would say this ‘convenient’ age would be between 25–30, where each party has had enough time to at least start paving their way towards a stable career, and has [hopefully] been saving up a considerable amount of money for big purchases like a home, cars, renovations, e.t.c. Also, [hopefully] young enough to not have any problems having kids. I wanted to actually wait longer to get married because I did not achieve many of my goals yet, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and not expect everything to be perfect.

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I don’t think there is a perfect age honey. I was 20 and hubby almost 22 when we got married (over 26 years ago and counting), but that was right for us. I suppose the right age is when you find someone you want to be with for the rest of your life, someone who makes you smile, just by thinking about them, and they feel the same way. I’ve always said that the best way to have a happy marriage is to marry your best pal, thats what I did :-)
hugs xx

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in 20s to 30s. Don’t do it under your 20s, u’ll seem like a prostitute. It depends wut gender, but mostly just when someone proposes and the right time for you, and you’ll have the answer to that question.

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Academics 24–28, non-academics 21–25.

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