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What to do to stay entertained for a 17 hour car trip?

Asked by smile1 (493points) April 15th, 2010

Im going to a place over vacation 17 hours by car with my brother and dad, and Im wondering what I should do during the lonngg car ride?

other than the abc game, listening to my ipod…and sleeping… haha. :)

(ps. my brother and dad dont really like to do anything)

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I get car sick by reading in a car… :( or else that would be a terrific idea!

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I’ll take a clonazepam and sleep the whole way.

You? You might enjoy the scenery passing by. Or play license plate games. Or other games, if you can get your relatives to join in.

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Are you doing all 17 hours in one go, or are you breaking it up into 2 or three days?

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You can’t go wrong with Mad Libs. I always buy a new one for each vacation. Surely you can talk your brother and dad into playing at least once?

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listen to your ipod

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I suggest bringing along a portable DVD player, if you have one. I find that watching a few movies entertains me for a pretty long time. If you’re concerned about motion sickness, I also get carsick reading in the car, but don’t seem to be effected by watching my portable DVD player.

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sing loudly to music. talk. bond. enjoy the scenery.

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You can get patches and/or pills to take to help with the motion sickness.

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Audio books. Music. Naps. Look at the scenery. Think. Tell yourself stories.

I’ve never been bored in a car…

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My sister and I used to play a game where we tried to see all 50 states on license plates. we would keep track of all the different ones we would see and how many states we could get

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17 hours all in one go… heh… crazy. of course stopping every 3 hours or so to stretch!

Haha. Games… :P If only my brother would join me… (Hes almost 18, and Im 16…)

I always feel sick if I take any kind of medicine and go on a longer than average car ride.

I think my main thing will be to enjoy the scenery…and talk a bit.

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@Ponderer983 I LOVE THAT GAME.

or see who can write out all fifty states first. seriously, sounds dumb maybe, but it always amuses me. THEN DO CAPITAL CITIES IF YOURE FEELING WILD!

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We used to have a license plate bingo game. Or mom would put us to ‘work’ keeping track of where we were on the map.

If you have your license, offer to do some of the driving. If you are busy operating the vehicle you won’t have time to think of being sick, or playing games.

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Music,good conversation,reading,sketching,looking at the scenery as you go by,alittle introspection makes for a great road trip.Have fun! :)

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I wont be driving. Dont have a licence!

ooo…sketching…good idea!

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Definitely Audiobooks.

Ughh, I have a 58 hour road trip coming up. I’ll be listening to several books.

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58 hours…????!?!?! holy crap…

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I agree with @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities: download audio books or check them out from your local library. If you can’t get your dad and brother interested, you can load them up onto your ipod before you leave and listen by yourself. Pick a great book that you’ve always wanted to read, or pick something you’ve read before and loved in the past. Listening to an old favorite can be a great way to get a different perspective on the books.

I can personally recommend the Harry Potter audio books, they’re incredibly well read. Even if you’ve read them 10,000 times, the suspenseful parts of the books will still keep you at the edge of your seat.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities 58 hours through some of the most beautiful parts of North America. I wouldn’t bitch. ;)

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Just keep saying “Are we there yet” over and over again. Parents love that.

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DS!! Got Heart Gold or Soul Silver? if you can get that then you wont be bored. Bring a portable dvd player like someone else said. If you don’t have one, if happen to have a laptop that would be a fine substitute

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Fly instead. lol

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Get a mathbook, a calculator, pencil and paper. That will keep you busy.

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Amazon Kindle or another kind of book reader, regular types of books, laptop computer, portable DVD player, Sony PSP, Nintendo DX, Apple iPad.

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I like to listen to books on tape during road trips, whether I am alone or not.

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Our car has a drop down DVD player, and it’s the best thing we ever bought. Get yourself a portable player.

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Download the NPR app for an iPhone or equivalent so that you’ll have constant options (can listen to thousands of stations’ programming)!

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Hum the littlest hobo theme on a loop. Failing that, DS.


Yell at the gas pump or tires for not going any faster!!

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@SeventhSense lol he means porn. Just the tech/internet dialect of saying it though.

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oh…but she’s a he?

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@SeventhSense oops…so sorry for that assumption, even though the profile pic is right there…

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Haha buy an iPad, the games are great. Or download some audiobooks. They always help me pass the time.

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Im about to go on a really long trip, in the car. So try audio books, sketching, eating :), DVD player, starting a journal, text, sleep, stare out the window and drift off to sleep, build a boundery made out of sheets between you and your brother, ipad, ipod, MP3 player, And definitly have a brush with you, its fun to brush your hair the entire trip it can actually be relaxing, make up to keep putting on(Hey, you gotta look good every where you go :) ), a video camera ( Put it on zoom and focus it on the window so you can see things your passing by really close), if you have a open space on the ground or the back of the car, you can put some blankets a pillow and your ipod on and sleep, bring a neck pillow!!!!!!!!!!!! You absolutly need one if you dont want you first words to be when you get to your vaca spot it, “DAD! MY NECK HURTS!” Trust me he does not want to hear that! Oh and when you sketch, get your brother to say things like male, mustache, big eyebrows, and you have to draw whats he is saying like a crimal picture. Lol, i just made all of this up!!!! :) :) Oh, and i wrote this in 2 minutes 10 seconds. Sorry if there are any type O’s.

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