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What's the most popular spot for honeymooners? What spot did you go to for yours?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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we went to Disney World, which is in Orlando, FL, if you are not sure which one is which. we try to go back at least once a year. oh how i miss that place. i was never a disney person as a kid and didn’t go to WDW until I was 23. I now see what I all I have been missing. But, back to the topic, disney was great as a honeymoon destination during the time we went, which was a week before Christmas. No one was there and the weather was perfect and there was tons to see and do.

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I don’t know what the most popular spot is, but we went to the Tradewinds Island Resort on St Pete Beach in Florida. We got the honeymoon suite which had two rooms, one with a flart screen TV and surround sound, the other with the bed and a HUGE jacuzzi tub – yeah, in the bedroom.

I walked into the bathroom first and was like, “Isn’t there supposed to be a nice tub?” and my husbend was like, “Yeah, it’s in the bedroom.”

It was great, there was a lot to do. It was randomly cold when we went, though, unfortunately.

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Royal Plantation, Jamaica
You’ll love it!!!
I had to go back.

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Italy.. seriously one of the most beautiful, romantic places on the planet. I have met many people honeymooning there. Personally, I think where my mom lives (Cinque Terre) is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been. I couldn’t wait to take my girlfriend there.

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We took a cruise out of Galveston, but to during the off season, there were kids everywhere.

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We keep going back to the Y.

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We went to Grant, Florida. We spent most of our time on the beach near melborne. At that time, it was before the developers got ahold of it, and we had the beach all to ourselves for two weeks. We never saw another soul. It was wonderful! Now it is built up and busy.

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NOLA….New Orleans Louisiana…..great place for honeymoon

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A lot of people thought it was an odd choice but we went to Japan and it was perfect. The country is so easy to get around and the people are very considerate and friendly. And if you’re looking for some warm beach-like locations you can always visit the south of the country.

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We went to San Antonio, my ex-husband’s hometown. Do not go where your family or spouse’s family is from. This is not the time to be meeting people. For some reason he thought this would be a good idea to meet everyone in his family since only half a dozen got to go to our wedding. (I’m from Arizona.) No no no! There’s always another time to meet family, but never on your Honeymoon! (I should have seen that red flag miles away!)

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