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Who would you like to thank?

Asked by ucme (45222points) January 18th, 2011

Okay, it’s like this….a thread devoted entirely to your appreciation, gratitude or just plain thanks. Can be aimed at whoever you choose. One or more people who you believe are worthy of a mention in this, hopefully positive, feel good environment. First thing that enters your head if you like. I’m going to say a big thank you to Linda….the wife…. for gifting me two wonderful healthy happy kids! Your turn, only if you want to mind….oh & thanks =0)

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Whom I would like to thank are my lucky stars… for Harple. :-)

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The Academy, for my performance back in 1989 for “Get The Hell off of Me!” ;)

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You, @ucme, for always putting a smile on my face or starting threads like this one.

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The Academy, for my supporting role in “Get the Hell off of Me”.

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I would like to thank my mom for never being the parent who would force me to do things I didn’t want to do and for always encouraging me in my ideas and desires, no matter how crazy or hair-brained like how I wanted to be a circus girl, then a teacher, then an archaeologist, then a film-maker and now an author. ;)

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@Jude XD -Original or remake?

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Girl, I am in the same movie as you, remember? It was a supporting role and you were the lead. :) Remember, we took on that greasy overweight Keanu Reeves looking guy and kicked him in the junk?


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My husband for being a solid rock next to my quaking aspen.

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I’m enternally grateful to my parents for imbuing me with the best parts of themselves.

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@Jude I’ve always wanted to knock his teeth out too! XD

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@hawaii_jake Bless you for that sir. You have impeccable taste :¬)

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Thank you mom for pointing out that really nice man at work to me and being a rock of wisdom/experience for both of us as we formed our relationship. Thank you for being part of my surprise marriage proposal too, you sly old fox.

Thank you future mother-in-law for orchestrating my surprise NYE marriage proposal to your much loved only son and being present as it happened.

Thank you to my future husband for treating the people most important in my life with respect and looking on them as your family and friends too.

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My husband for being so wonderful to me. He’s been doing a lot these past few weeks since he got home to help take care of me since I’ve been sick on and off. It’s so nice having him home.

My wonderful friends on Fluther. You brighten my days more often than you know.

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The Academy for letting me be a gaffer on “Get The Hell off of Me!”

What the hell is a gaffer, anyway? No, no, don’t tell me. I really want to remain blissfully ignorant on this one.

I am grateful that I don’t know what a gaffer is!

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Thanks to my mother for her endless encouragement, love and support. She’s never once suggested that I give up or postpone any of my dreams when they’ve become difficult to achieve and fully supports my goals and passions. She is the strongest, most caring and giving woman I know. We have our differences and a bit of a rocky past, but I can definitely say that I am incredibly grateful and proud to be her daughter.

Thanks to my dad for exhibiting some remarkable strength through his illness which in turn has taught me to appreciate life more and more everyday, to seize the moment and to mostly be thankful for my independence and to never ever entirely give it up, even if it kills me.

Thanks to my dog for being my sunshine and for her patience when I lollygag around before taking her potty in the morning.

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@Vunessuh No fair. You’ve been practicing! ;-)

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If they were living, my parents.
My “girlfriend” (she hates the word, and I suppose after teenage it becomes inappropriate, I just don’t have another word for her). I had a serious hard edge that needed to be polished off, and she did a great job of it.

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There are many people I would want to say thank you too for many things. In this society I don’t think many of us say thank you nearly enough, myself included. There is a good book about this, I had to read it for one of my classes –

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I would like to thank our very own lillycoyote for her(their) eye opener of a question this morning. Nothing like having to mop up coffee I spit out all over my keyboard at 4:30 in the morning! XD

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Rumor has it that that was not the real @lilycoyote’s question.

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I’d like to thank whoever anonymously ran their snowblower down our entire block three times this winter.

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I would like to thank the moderators for all of the selfless work they do for Fluther.

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I want to thank my Mum for being the wonderful creature that she is – she’s been the most patient, loving, forgiving, compassionate woman in my life. She’s told me home truths when they needed to be heard. She helped lead me out of a very dark place. She’s fantastic & I love her so much.

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I’d like to thank Dear, 8 pound 6 oz baby Jesus….

Really, my parents for all of their love, even though in early years it was through alcoholism and abandonment and divorce. They have become the people I always knew they were inside, and I love them so, so much.

My wife for being my inspiration for getting out and doing the best work I can everyday, just so she is proud of me, and I can come home to her sweet kiss and hug everyday. She makes my world spin and shine.

To my brother, who I work with everyday, for being there day in and day out, and for knowing how to balance our personalities to keep us both alive and not bleeding.

And to all of my ex-girlfriends, for teaching me what I really wanted in a partner and wife, and what I obviously did not.

Last but not least, my sweet kitty Ibanez. I lost her last March 11th, and I miss her every minute. I wouldn’t have half of the love in my heart I do if not for her giving me almost 19 years of happiness with her in my lap. I miss her constantly and her memory keeps me trying to be a better person.

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