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What are you grateful for right now?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) December 28th, 2008

Right this minute what are you feeling grateful for? Me? I’m feeling grateful for the coolest boys and best sister on the planet.

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Nice! I’m grateful that my kids are healthy and are good looking;). I’m also grateful for choosing a profession that allows for spending a bunch of time with my kids. Finally, I am grateful that I’m here and learning from what hasn’t killed me yet.

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I am grateful that medicine and treatments have advanced so much, that my mom will only have to have 5 radiation treatments for her cancer this time rather than the 30 treatments she had to have just 2 years ago.

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I’m grateful that I’m going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

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Aw, nice question. :)
I’m grateful for my parents being proud of me and being more than willing to help me out when I need it- emotionally, financially, and physically.

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Right this minute I’m grateful for Wii Bowling! My kids are playing it and truly rolling on the floor laughing with each other. I’m grateful that I had a quiet day to myself while my family was at the Ravens game, and I’m grateful for a great friend that just called to say hi. Nice question SuperMouse!

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A warm, dry, quiet place to live, a comfortable bed, plenty of yummy food, a job and transportation to and from there, relatively good health, Internet access, a library card and interlibrary loan…

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I’m grateful that the Eagles had an easy time with the ‘boys this afternoon, and that all the other cards fell magically into place.

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My faith, my bible, family, my awesome dog, my iphone,computer,car,roof over head,food,clothing,health,everyheartbeat of my heart,every breath I take,every good thing I’m allowed to see,every good thing I’m allowed to hear,every good thing I’m allowed to say, every good thing I’m allowed to touch,taste,take for consumption,everything good thing I’m allowed to understand, etc etc etc Thanks be to God.

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@ catlingmex – I lurve that you are grateful for interlibrary loan and your library card!

I am grateful for my grown-up sons who are a constant source of love and joy to me. And for the invention of the webcam and videochat which allowed us to have an hour long visit with my son and daughter-in-law in Paris on Christmas Day and to see her pregnant belly.

And also for birds, books, long walks with friends, the parade of Spring that is April, the hope that is Barack Obama and the friendship and support of my husband.

And for having a job still – so far.

And for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Wise potato chips and Indian food.

In short, a lot.

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I am grateful for life, my beautiful wife and daughter, an amazing job, good friends, I am grateful for EVERYTHING.

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I am grateful for the fact that I’m picking up my girls tomorrow, and they’ll be with me all week. That my husband and I got a lot of work done around the house today. That the work is done, and I have the time to Fluther :)

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Grateful for my good dog, my sweet cat, the constant drama of weather, the roof over my head, the interestingness of friends, good strong coffee every single morning, my amazingly uncompromised physical strength, the likelihood that I’ll live to see my tiny grandchildren grow up as decent and courageous as their parents. I’m grateful for a thoughtful electorate. I’m grateful that 2008 is almost behind us. It was a toughie.

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I’m grateful for my wife and daughter who are sleeping in the next room. Hearing them snore (in sync no less) gives me hope that I might not die alone someday.

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<feeling better.

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I’m grateful for good weather, a boss that lets me do my thing, clients that can be patient, being able to eat what I want, the Web, and a beer in my hand.

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