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What are some things you appreciate in your life?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (21158points) September 22nd, 2014

As asked.

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Having financial security, a comfortable house and wonderful friends. Living in an area of the state with great summer activities and entertainment. Being resilient enough to survive the loss of a marriage. My intelligence. Having raised two thoughtful wonderful men and having grandchildren – even if they live too far away. And my health.

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Watching a baby of any species make his way in the world, birds singing, a beautiful sunset, trees, family, friends, nature, music, food, the senses, and especially my health. Laughs.

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My family and good friends.

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The Vampsisters, Mastema, and the night’s air and what it brings.

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@UnholyThirst I do wish the vampsisters and Masterma would read this :)

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I am healthy. (in a perfect world, I’d be about 30 lbs thinner but that’s my own doing)

I have a great child who is sweet, healthy and well behaved. I was very fortunate to get pregnant naturally and have a baby at age 41.

I live in a nice house in a terrific area with a great school system. I’m in a relatively rural area but it’s close enough to shopping and it’s about one hour from a major US city.

I have family that are all good people, loving and helpful.

I have a good job that is “cake” for the most part. I am 1 of 2 people out of over 3,000 on this “special assignment” and I’m lucky to be where I am.

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Beer, football, sex, being tickled on my tummy, the staff & farting in a room that has an echo.

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Living in the U.S.A., having had the parents and home life I had, and having gone this far in my life relatively unscathed.

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I am also grateful to be living in the US, where we have good medical care, technology, and lots of rights as citizens and human beings. I am grateful to be alive during a time when we have lots of conveniences that we take for granted.

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^Good medical care if you can afford it.

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@jonsblond: Yes, true. I guess that speaks to my job providing health insurance!

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I appreciate the tools needed to sharpen the blade and the willing people to fill my “Desires.”

Why @Mimishu1995 did you want me to read this?

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I forgot one, laughing at petty minded idiots.

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Oh, and I just loved Adiron’s answer….even for me, the sight of newly borns of any animal, bird, human fills me with a strong sense of joy! :)

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Khajuria9 Well, except for bats. I’m not too crazy about them right now.

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@Adirondackwannabe Did my little slaves find you? I sent for them on August the 16th. Well hidden, you are.

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@Mastema I found all of them. They are a pretty special group. I enjoy their company. And I will keep watching out for them.

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Haha, Adiron, I am sure bats won’t hurt you!

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The feel of the weather on my cheek.

The oxytocin rush from a kiss with the right person.

The sound of music that touches my heart.

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That my wife loves me and continues to put up with me.
That my children have grown up to be good, caring, capable adults.
That I have grandchildren to spoil.
That I still have friends from way back and we are in touch.
That my old dog, Ayre, is still alive and kicking after 14+ years.
That I have had what I consider to be an easy life thus far.
That I am relatively healthy (even with this &**$#% gout starting to act up this morning).
That the paper was delivered this morning, the coffee was good and fresh and the toaster worked.

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For lots of things! I appreciate that my university values my ideas enough to bring me here on a full-ride scholarship so that I have access to professors, libraries, and even health insurance (for the first time in over a decade!)

I appreciate that I live in an area where I can let my guard down a little and feel safe.

I appreciate my significant other and everything they do for us.

I appreciate that my family checks in on me every weekend to see how I’m holding up.

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My partner still loves me regardless of what gender I am

I live in a country where I don’t have to pay for health care

I live in a country where my rights as a transgender individual in a gay relationship are protected by law.

My daughter has grown into an independent, happy and smart woman

I have a job that I don’t hate, am reasonably good at, and it pays better than minimum wage

Together my partner and I are comfortably off enough that we have enough money for hobbies, eating out and vacations.

The health issues I have are neither disabling nor life-threatening.

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My partner
My children
My health
Living in Scotland (for all its faults)

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@flutherother: Were you for secession or against it?

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I was very divided over the issue but in the end I voted yes for independence.

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Ok, maybe shallow but a good pint in good company.

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My kids, and the fine people they have become.
The years my husband and I were good together.
A big pot of soup simmering on a chilly day.
Good neighbors.
The way the sun feels on my eyelids when I close them, and t turn my face up to the sky.

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@flutherother: I was talking to my hairdresser when I went there on Saturday. He is from Scotland. He was for Scotland staying part of the UK. He said the plan wasn’t very well thought out (i.e. military, currency, etc.). He said the world has bigger problems right now, like ISIS, and not some little country like Scotland.

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@jca Since when was an exercise in democracy a ‘problem’?

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@flutherother: I’m just telling you what he said. I’m not engaging in an argument for or against, as I don’t know that much about it.

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@jca I agree with most of what he said and independence would have led to a lot of uncertainties not least the currency and the military situation. (Scotland is home to the UK’s nuclear weapons fleet for example). People in Scotland, myself included were very divided over the issue but it was important to us and 84.6% of the electorate turned out to vote.

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Family. Friends. Shellac. Shoes. Clothes. Water.

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The wisdom and strength of WickedVamp she has given me when it was needed most. Unholy Thirst for her support and giving me new life that was nonexistent, I wouldn’t have it any other way. And Mastema for his undying fiercness and complete adoration for us all.

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Food, water, shelter, medicine, family, etc… All the stuff we take for granted. I’ve been on multiple mission trips to third world countries, and these people literally have NOTHING. The kids were ecstatic to get a sticker from us. A STICKER.

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