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How many beers is too many?

Asked by JMCSD (243points) January 18th, 2011 from iPhone

So I completely understand that this is not a black and white question. But let’s say for an averaged size man (5’11 at 180 lbs or so ) how many beers is probably too much. I don’t expect a number of dangerous oz’s and such, but in your opinion (not necessarily based on your own lifestyle) how much is too much, both for comfort and safety?

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Well I once read about a chap who had 11 pints of Guinness on the way over to Ireland from England on the ferry (seacat) in the space of just over an hour. His stomach burst and he died. That is too much obviously.

I personally once went over to Ireland – Dublin for a day and managed to sink 13 pints of Guiness over the course of a whole day, from 10am in the morning to 11pm at night) and I was not well (clearly not in a good mental place at the time either!)

But my point is clearly the amount of time in which you drink x amount of pints, matters greatly…amongst many other factors.

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If I remember correctly, 1 drink per hour is acceptable.

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Fantastic point. Obviously the time in which x amount is consumed makes a huge difference. But I’m assuming someone who is in the mid 20’s (young in general) is consuming his x amount. For the sake if specifying the variable, we’ll say within a 3 hour period (a night of enjoying the company of close friends). Any more detail you, or anyone else, care to provide? Let’s also assume an alcohol percentage of approx 6%.

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Here’s a chart that might be helpful.

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Did you ever hear that old saying that 1 beer is too many and 101 is not enough!

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for me…ONE. as I dont drink.

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Its all about the time.. if your throwing up you need a break.

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I will start by saying that if you plan on drinking anything be prepared and have a designated driver or cab fare.

I have had good luck with the “water plan”. I will get a pint or a mixed drink. Then I drink a glass of water. Then another drink. Rinse and repeat as needed. In the past I have been known to get wasted enough to fall in a urinal. Hasn’t happened since I started the water plan.

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A recovered alcoholic once told me that at AA they learned that 2 drinks per day is the best limit as a lifestyle choice. (Not for an alcoholic as they shouldn’t even have one, of course, but for the general population.) This is what is the best to keep as your personal cap, It will keep you from having a drinking problem. Most doctors would agree that 2 drinks is an acceptable amount to drink so that you are not doing long term harm to your body. I realize that most people can’t stick to this, but then, if this is difficult for you, you may go on to develop a lifetime drinking problem. Knowing several alcoholics and seeing the way alcoholism ruins lives and families, I stick to this advice as though it were the law.

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It’s all dependent on a number of factors:
When and what did you last eat and how much?
The duration of your drinking period?
What are you drinking and what is it’s alcohol content?
I admit I drink quite a lot in regards to others but I have a tolerance built up over many years.
When the wife lets me out (a couple of times a month) I can go down to the local pub and sink 10 pints (abv 5%) in 4–5 hours, when I get home I can put the Playstation on and carry on with 5 more cans (500ml @ 4.1%) for another 3 hours.
To me and my friends this is a socially accepted norm.

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When I was in my twenties a typical night out for me was two pints an hour on average with a couple of whiskey chasers later in the evening….. I’d be in the pub for 18.30, hit the nightclub at a bout 23.30 then leave at around 02.30, home for say 03.00 depending if I was on my own… it could end up being fourteen pints with a couple of chasers thrown in…. maybe a few cocktails. that was the weekend though. I never seemed to be able to drink too much back then! :-/
Now I go out at the same time 18.30, I’m usually home for 00.30, I average about eight pints of Guinness & one or two whiskies to finish, that’s just once a month when I don’t have work the next day! :-/

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For me, two. Then again, I prefer ales with 8–9% ABV and usually get 24oz bottles, so ine of my beers is four drinks; enough to keep me happy on a Saturday night without making me hate myself the next morning. (I’m not as young as I used to be.)

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When she looks like an angel when you go to bed, but looks like a pig when you wake up… Try one less beer the next time you drink. Eventually you’ll figure out your perfect beer ratio ;)

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What matters is the consumption of the amount of pure alcohol. Here’s common recommendation common in Europe:

Men should drink no more than 210 ml of alcohol per week (and no more than 40 ml in any one day).

Women should drink no more than 140 ml of alcohol per week (and no more than 30 ml in any one day).

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the one that kills ya, is probably one too many

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@mattbrowne That is a little hard when you don’t know the ABV% of what you’re drinking. One time I forgot that, drank four La Fin du Mondes like they were Budweiser, had to walk home, and hated life the next morning.

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You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.
William Blake

It probably depends on how many brain cells youve already destroyed, how easily you black out, how old you are, and how willing to pay the price the next day (not just hangovers bc alcohol takes you to many bad places.)

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@jerv – Most people who truly care about their health are willing to engage in rough mental arithmetic based on cross-multiplication and the rule of three. And there are useful approximations for a bottle of beer, a bottle of light beer, a glass of wine and so forth.

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Alcohol is poison. How much poison is too much ? Your body makes alcohol sometimes, in small amounts, through fermentation. This is the alcohol your body should be expected to deal with. Alcohol has medical uses, like killing organisms. All doses are poison.

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