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Anyone ever try the continuous ink supply system on their printer?

Asked by cooksalot (1431points) September 12th, 2008

I’ve been throwing around the idea of trying this out on my printer since I use so much black ink printing out worksheets for homeschooling. Anybody try it out? If so how did it work? How was the quality of ink?

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Well I figured maybe no one saw the other question. Or that a different set of people would see it if I posted again.

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I have seen your previous question but I personally don’t have experience with it. I guess that if you are using a lot of ink, AND, if your printer itself will last a long time (no way to predict), AND if you can deal with the initial setup job and the somewhat messy look, you can give it a try. Manufacturers change formula and models so fast, even the OEM suppliers have a hard time to catch up, not to mention CIS companies.

Personally, I won’t.

There is one link I found that might be helpful to you:

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Thanks I’ll read this.

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@cooksalot: Have you considered getting a cheapy black and white laser printer? Much faster and much less expensive materials than ink jets.

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Yeah we have but I also print a lot of photos too. So in the long run we figured one printer was just better. I mean for awhile I had 3 printers in a row here. What a mess that was!

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If you want to try a continuous ink supply system and to get more details of it,you can check this printer consumables website:

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Thanks for the price compared to the cost of just the black cartridge we took the dive.

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I’d buy a b/w laser printer if you have a high volume issue. They’re cheap as is the powder. Use your inkjet for colour only.

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Staples is doing a recycle your old printer, and get $30 in rewards. We’re going to take the old HP that STILL won’t work with new cartridges, and get a laser printer. Only thing is I just need a b/w, my HUSBAND is convinced he needs a color. Can you see me throttling him?

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