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Has acid changed your life?

Asked by sparksweet514 (71points) January 19th, 2011

Some people say they have a new outlook on life after an acid trip- have you gained anything through opening your mind in this way?

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Nope, but alcohol almost killed me.

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I believe alcohol to be a very scary drug

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@sparksweet514 : You’re right about that. A martini can kill.

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Indeed…not only due to the unexpected effects it can have on you (full-out immersive hallucinations, 10-minute tracers (or longer), aural + visual effects, precognitive abilities + so forth) for such a small amount of substance…but moreso if you ever have a bad trip it’ll probably change you. It did me for sure + curbed my enthusiasm for hallucinogens.

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Yes I believe my experimentation with hallucinogens changed my life but I also believe that every single new thing I learn, encounter or experience also changes my life.

Just the other month I had a conversation with a stranger (elderly woman) that changed my life. I tasted an outstanding yogurt today.. that changed my life too.

If you meant ’ did acid give you a dramatically different outlook to life?’ I would say no , it did however enhance the outlook that I already had.

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It definitely gave me a new perspective on the element of time for sure.

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back in the day….I think it formed many ideas and moraes for me. Went on Dead tour.
Music moves you.

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It gave me a lifelong love of Meddle, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here

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Only in the sense that many years later, I still catch the occasional trail. Otherwise, no, I never had a spiritual awakening or anything comparable while under the influence of hallucinogens.

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I don’t consider doing a stupid drug like acid to be a mind opener.

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I have never done acid. But, my hubby was friends with this girl (this really isn’t one of those stories where someone says “I know this one person” but it’s really them. This really wasn’t me) that had a “bad trip”.
They were all at a party, she did acid and drove home. She was pulled over by a policeman and told him she was “going to see Jesus”. Anyway, she had a breakdown and ended up staying at a mental health residential facility for quite some time. She got better, relapsed, and then recovered again. It messed her whole life up. REally. She dropped out of school, was dis-owned by her folks…it was bad. And, although there is a lot more going on than just an acid trip- she attributes her downfall to acid (or so I’ve been told).

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I know someone (a member of my family) who to this day, ~30 years later, still sees faces in the front of cars. It was hardly a positive, enriching experience.
His reaction taught me to never do it. I truly believe it helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

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@worriedguy: i too had friends who were permanently messed with from ingestion/absorption of large quantities of the drug. one was messing with liquid (probably the most dangerous one to handle) + spilled it on himself. it’s really astonishing how powerful a drug it can be for such a small amount of administration!

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I seen so many messed up from drug abuse. It is sad. Anything above weed is stupid. I

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Yes my Aunt Acid has, lovely lady. Always leaves a tingly feeling in my stomach when I think of her.

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@Mikewlf337: What’s above weed? hash? majoun? opium? nitrous? amyl nitrate? Never heard that before. How about pharmaceuticals? I’ve found them to be a lot stronger than some street for sure.

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@963chris I meant hard illegal recreational drug use.

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@Mikewlf337: Is there a list of these somewhere? I’m trying to clarify as I haven’t heard this terminology before + drugs come in all colors + degrees of potency (including weed + its family). I’ve also seen more damage being done in the schools now with ‘legal recreational drug use’.

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@963chris you know what I meant. Ok, Any recreation drug use above weed is stupid.

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@963chris: Not really…that’s why I was asking! So basically weed is the only non-stupid, illegal drug? Does this include all types of weed + its variants or are there exceptions? Personally I think weed is probably the more inane drug since it has a tendency to make one non-productive, lazy, slow, forgetful, banal + all the usual personifications we see. However 420 can be aight when rockin the game console. Just saying I don’t do well with blanket statements. Along those lines, don’t they say that weed is a ‘gateway drug’ or something equally as dumb? Why not booze?

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@963chris I know plenty of people who smoke weed on occasion and they lead productive lives. The key words are “on occasion”. I also no plenty of people who smoke weed who smoked it on occasion for years and never went to anything harder.

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Meh. I always felt I was too smart for acid. Sure it was fun the few times I did it, but I never had a divine revelation. After the trip a friend would say something like “profound” like “It totally changes time. I mean it’s like time changes and doesn’t always flow the same way. And everything’s connected, and in the end, nothing really matters.” And I’d just stare blankly and say “you didn’t know that already?”

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Acids fairly tame in a lot of ways, it usually just makes me feel like a 5 year old for a few hours. DMTs where its at for a real ride to the wild side. ooh yeah…..

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@Arbornaut: or try higher hit count, purer breeds or double-, triple-dipped/industrial. i guarantee getting lost at some point + full-scale visuals! havent tried DMT family cause i wasnt keen on puking but mebbe someday. strong stuff.

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@963chris Yeah good point, sourcing it is the issue though.

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I never touched it.

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I never dropped acid (even though it was the 60s) because I was always the caretaker when someone had a bad trip. Yes, it changed my life, being responsible for someone else’s life when you’re 16 changes your life.

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@JilltheTooth: believe me its hard to be a guide when yer on it. ive had to do it many a times for friends – the worst ones being the skeptics. it does however, give you a strong sense of your own psychological patters, boundaries, fears + so forth such that you can aim to overcome + disarm them (which oftentimes are always there anyway although subconscious).

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Yes, it has. I dropped acid once when I was 15 and ever since I have felt more connected to mother nature. It was my first psychedelic trip and it was amazing. It’s sound cliche and ridiculous but I really do feel more in tune with nature.

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