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Chances at becoming a good doctor?

Asked by iwannask2day (10points) January 20th, 2011

So i’m a senior in high school and i want to know if my stats are decent enough to move on to college and get into a good medical school. My uw gpa, is a 3.1–2, and my weight is a 3.65–7(meaning i’ve taking honors classes, for anyone that doesn’t know), and my sat was a 1590, which i hear is about the average score. I feel like i should be okay, but i don’t know I’ve never gone to college and made it to medical with these stats of course lol. and if anyone knows does it really matter what college you go to? (just as long as you have a good gpa, about 3.75+ and a 30+ mcat, i hear would be really good to have)

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I am sure you could be a great doctor. But never forget. This is the age of PC. In addition to a high GPA and GREAT mcat scores, you have to have all sorts of extra curricular activities and achievements that prove that you are truely concerned for your fellow man. Make sure you do lots of community service and charity work while in college. Never say a word about wanting to make a decent living, and you’ll be fine.

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Once you get to college, apply yourself. You may find that other occupations in the medical field appeal to you as much when you get right into the work. Desire to succeed, and willingness to put the work first is what it takes to get where you want to go.

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Your grades in high school will have no bearing on whether you get into medical school or not. Your grades in college do.

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You want to be a good doctor, get a T.A.R.D.I.S

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Everyone else has given great advice!
It’s true…graduate programs (med school, law school, and grad school) do not even ask for your high school GPA. At least, the schools I applied to did not. My sister went to med school- I don’t believe her program did, either.
The only issue she ran into when applying for med school was explaining a large gap of time between college and med school. They wanted to know what she had been doing for 4 years. She wasn’t working in the field and didn’t do service work. I think this may have prevented her from getting into a program. She eventually ended up in an excellent program. I am sure you will, too! Good luck!
on a sidenote, I would recommend taking Spanish in college. My sister’s hospital is in DC and I know they are ALWAYS looking for Spanish speaking physicians.

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