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What is the most commonly used phrase in your life?

Asked by kissmesoftly (406points) January 20th, 2011

Mine is most likely is: “I am joking” because no one gets my deadpan humor without an explanation. What is yours?

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I doesn’t mean what you think either.

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@Jude I would never assume such things.

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I can verify cookies is @jude.‘s Lol.

I use the word fantastic a lot; I used to use fabulous a lot.

And, the word interesting when I am thinking about what someone said. When it is a new way for me to look at something.

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Someone pointed out to me the other day that I use “like” and “I don’t know” and “you know what I mean” a lot in conversation.

So, like, I don’t know, I guess those would be the most commonly used, you know what I mean?

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“Maybe tomorrow…”

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“That’s cool”
I use it to:
Express interest in a subject
Let people know I forgive them/don’t mind
Respond positively to an offer for food or similar gift

And countless others I’m forgetting.
It’s all in the tone of voice.

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“By the way.” I say that more times than is tolerant. Oh & by the wa…......arrgh!

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‘Fuck’. My mother has forever been telling me that i need to find a new favorite adjective, so far iv found none as versatile.

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“So….” I say it to start any and all conversations, because I know what it sounds like coming out of my mouth and I don’t have to worry about stuttering it. When I’m socially nervous, I trip easily over my words. “So…” is my security blanket.

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mine is “No worries”

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These days it’s “I love you.”

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“Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?!”

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In life, it’s “No problem”
On here, it’s “Pull My Finger”

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“mother fucker” not to my kids.
“do this, do that” to my kids.
when I’m caught by surprise like stubbing my toe or something it’s “COCK SUCKING WHORE!”

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“Awesome” I seem to use that the most these days!

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“Nice!”, said when something is really cool or when somebody does something stupid.

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“Holy mother of God!”, said very quickly when realizing the guy your brother just introduced you to used to be a woman that he dated.

5 points if you catch this reference.

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“Hi, welcome to Dunkin Donuts how can we help you….....”

hahah. but seriously.

“You’re such a coconut”
” No worries”
“It is what it is”
“Fuck ‘em”

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I have two that I use a lot:

“SERIOUSLY!?!?!?” When I’m upset.

“I’m so sorry!”
Not always as an apology, but because that’s how I sympathize with people. Sort of like if you say, “My cat died this morning.” And I respond, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” It’s because I’m trying to sympathize and offer support; I know it’s not my fault so why would I use “I’m sorry” as an apology? LOL Some of my friends still don’t get it and every time I say “I’m sorry” about something, they say “Eh, it’s not your fault…” And I can’t seem to stop saying it!

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“Ah! I see!” Haha I use that all the time even on the phone. :P
“I could make a really bad and dirty joke right now..” Because I just happen to have bad humor like that. :P

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