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Would you buy an iPad or iPhone?

Asked by nmguy (528points) January 21st, 2011

If you could only buy one, which would you get . . . an iPad or an iPhone?

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iPhone. I would take a free iPad but not pay for one.

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Neither. I have an iPhone through work. As a handheld computer it’s quite good, as a phone it is awful. No-one can hear me speak unless I hold it right up to my mouth, and then I have difficulty hearing them, and the way it groups all the texts from one person together in a ‘conversation’ is annoying and can’t be switched off. And the alarm clock, requiring all the times to be reset after the clocks go forward or back, is a joke.

I wouldn’t have an iPad as it’s too big to fit in my pockets.

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I have both. I love my iPad. I could use any old phone

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I agree with @josie. I have both. But if I had to chose it would depend on whether or not I had another cell phone. I haven’t had any problems with
the AT&T network other than
the views of the company’s
executives, and not really any problems with my phone. I only really use my iPad for reading, and I could live without it. (Besides, I would get bigger muscles from lugging around all of those books like I used to!)

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iPhone. The iPad is still immature + v2 is coming out soon. I think it really depends upon your situation + purpose though. Overall, the fragility of the glass facing of the iPad concerns me! I have already broken the back panel of my iPhone 4 while it was in its external housing. Guess they are making it outta glass now!

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Iphone. I have one myself, and I throughly enjoy it. I have had one since they were released. No more are the days of printing out directions on MapQuest, when I can simply type it in the gps option! It is also very convenient to be able to check Ebay or my email any time, it is nice not having to rush home for those sort of things.

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iPad for sure, I played with one a while ago and really enjoyed it, and if I get a phone I want it to be a smartphone.

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I am really happy with my phone now (just got a smart phone for Christmas), so I’d take the iPad for the sole purpose of feeding my addiction to Angry Birds. My mother-in-law just got an iPad and whenever we are at her house we all fight over who gets to play Angry Birds, and it’s so much easier with that bigger screen than it is on my phone!

Oh wait, I just realized the question asked which one I’d buy. I wouldn’t actually buy either one, but if I had my choice of a freebie I’d pick the iPad!

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I would buy an iPad because I do a lot of reading online and it helps with the bigger screen. I already have an awesome little black smart phone.

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@mistic84: There is a larger version of the Kindle also available with a bigger screen + all the works (3G + wifi) which still runs much cheaper than the iPad (sans ATT 3G additional monthly costs), has better battery life + better outdoor display. Here are the deets:

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I’ve owned my iPad for 6 months and I don’t regret it in the least bit. It makes couch surfing soo much more enjoyable. Having said that, if it were between an iPhone and iPad, I would probably choose the phone because you’ll get more use out of it, as you have it with you all day. You won’t carry the iPad everywhere you go with you. @meiosis, every smartphone for the past 2 years haas the threaded messages. I tend to like it with my android phone.

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@963chris The reason I haven’t gotten a Kindle is because the books are proprietary. I would rather get a cross functional device that can do more than 2 things. I guess it just depends what you’re looking for.

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