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Touchy about your touchscreen?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

How pedantic are you on cleaning the screen on your iPhone?
Yesterday I debated at length the importance of a clean, fingerprint and smudge-free screen. I clean mine several times a day, probably mostly to keep that clean, shiny and pretty new look of my iPhone. And yes, I have ordered a screen-cover, but until it arrives, this is my way of keeping my precious in best possible condition

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I clean mine when it gets to the point that I can draw pictures in the layer of oily grime, which is about every two days. I had a screen-cover but didn’t like it. It seemed to me the touch screen was slightly less sensitive.

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I use an iPod sick, so for the most part my iPod touch gets wiped down by that. I also give it a wipe every day or two. I couldnt stand having a protector… You still see all the crud on the surface of the screen and the iphone touch surface is mostly scratch proof…

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iPod sock not sick… Damn iPod!

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I wipe mine every day with a microfiber cloth. I tried the protectors but that affects sensitivity and looks dull. I like the shiny luster of the glass. So no more protectors for me. I’ll take my chances with scratches which I have NONE thus far.

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I have a protective clear thingy, and that now I only clean it once a week instead of every day. Funny this is that its made for the itouch.

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I usually stick mine in my back pocket, and that’s like an auto-clean! I have two cases, but I rarely use either.

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just cleaned mine ;)

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umm, every two weeks? Guess I’m not that “touchy” about having a clean iPhone. Seems like 5 min after I clean it, it gets oily again.

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Maybe twice a week.

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I haven’t had mine in the summer yet, ew….

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Wow!Thanks for sharing :)
I’ll admit one or two of ye are making me feel a bit like a clean-freak (not to name names but peedub and afghanmoose..), but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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I’ts hard to maintain a strict level of cleanliness in Brooklyn. Everything is so grimy. I gave up a while ago.

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well mines in a case,with the protective film and so yea

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I refuse to put mine in a case, or get a screen cover. I wipe it off a few times a day because it looks nicer.

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