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Is there any place I can buy the cards from the boardgame Junta ?

Asked by Staalesen (2690points) January 23rd, 2011

I have a little problem… I got the board game Junta today,as a gift from my better half, and I was lucky to get it since the makers of the game just got closed down.. the only problem is that it is in German.
I speak a little german, so it is ok for me,but most of my friends dont, and therefore I cant really play it with anyone.. I was wondering if there is any place on the web where I can buy the Cards from the game separately ?
I can still use the game board and pieces, but the two decks of card I need to get ahold of in English..
Is there any flutherites out there that know how I can get a hold those.. ( or a complete english version, with cheap shipping to norway) ? Thanks in advance :)

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Unfortunately, after looking through the Interwebs I was unable to find any listings for just the cards for Junta, in English or otherwise. Your best bet is to find a full game somewhere like eBay or Amazon and check the shipping costs. eBay sometimes offers free shipping to certain places. Good luck!

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Yeah, I figured as much.. Ended up buying off eBay, and am currently converting the german gameboard to English ( since it looks 10x better) Ended up paying over twice the cost of the game in shipping… but since it is out of print I fugured better now than later….

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