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Is it okay to wear the same coat daily?

Asked by arcticwolf (33points) January 23rd, 2011

I’m new to winter fashion, and I was wondering how socially acceptable it is to wear the same coat day in, day out. In warmer climates it is a no-no to be seen wearing the same top too often – for hygiene reasons one is expected to wash clothes after one wear. But obviously no one would dry clean a coat that regularly! And warm coats can be expensive. And if it is okay, is it necessary that I try to spice each outfit up differently with perhaps different scarves, boots, jeans?

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Different scarves and boots, but never different jeans.

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New to Fluther, too, I see. Welcome.

There’s no such thing as “winter fashion” where we have concerns about winter weather. Dress to stay warm, and do it for as long as, and in any way that it takes.

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It’s okay to wear the same coat daily as long as it’s not too….. I don’t know the workd. But say for instnace you have a pink Pea coat, DON“T wear it everyday. But if it’s a basic color coat or a non-fashion coat, you should be fine.

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Your answer might depend on your gender and location on the globe.
At any rate, I have only one winter coat, and one scarf and one set of gloves, too. I do have two hats. That’s the total extent of my variability.
I don’t think that’s unusual. Though it might be different for women, or non-west-Europeans.

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If you mean the winter coat that you wear when you go outside, of course it’s okay to wear it every day. I have one coat for going to work, shopping, etc. I have an older coat that I use for shoveling snow, bringing in wood or doing anything that might get the coat dirty. My regular coat gets dry-cleaned at the end of the winter. I do have two scarves and three sets of mittens that I change up sometimes.

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I have an everyday coat for work and a nicer one for going out. That’s it. I change it up with different scarves, hats and gloves. I have a much wider selection of jackets for spring/autumn.

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@tedibear Has put it well. If you’re new to winter weather you’ll probably need or want at least two coats, one that’s more like a dress coat for work and going out at night and then an everyday warm jacket/coat kind of thing for just running around and shoveling snow or scraping your car off in the morning. Because a good winter dress coat can be somewhat expensive you don’t want to ruin by some sorts of winter activities and winter can be very hard on coats. Snow gets dirty, there’s dirty salt residues on a all the cars and you don’t want to get that all on your good coat every time you go out of the house.

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Same winter coat every day works for me.

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I live in Canada…one of the colder (in winter) parts of Canada. You dress for warmth here. I only ever wore one winter coat until that coat became decrepit enough to go out and buy a new one.

The only exception has been this year. Costco had a display on last September showcasing the coat I’ve been looking for for ages. The price was very reasonable so I bought two. One red one for the days when I cannot bear wearing black and one houndstooth pattern.

So, to answer your question: yes, it is completely acceptable to wear the same coat day in and day out. If anyone says anything to you you can be pretty sure you can cross them off your “potential friend” list.

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I have a long dress wool winter coat that I don’t wear very often, just dress-up occasions. I have my everyday run to the store pick up the kids etc. warm coat. I have a nicer warm coat that I wear for getting a bit more dressed up than running to the store for milk. I also have my get it dirty work coat that I wear when I work out in the garage or yard and will probably get dirty.

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Here in Alaska there’s no such thing as winter fashion. When you’re outside, you really don’t care what you look like or if anyone is paying attention to your giant coat. Everyone is thinking the same thing, “Fuck it’s fucking cold. Are we done out here, because I need to get the hell inside somewhere before my nuts freeze and fall off.”

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Don’t pass up thrift stores, Burlington Coat Factory, and end-of-season sales to add a new coat or jacket to your closet. My daughter just bought a North Face parka for $10 at a consignment store that was doing winter clearance.

You can get years out of a coat. They last a long time if you remember to hang them up, and have them dry cleaned before you put them away for the season. My daughter is wearing a winter coat that her uncle bought in 1965. She gets all kinds of compliments on it.

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Black, navy, camel, grey, or brown it is fine every day. A more fashion forward color might be more odd every day, and you might have to worry about it coordinating with what you wear. Also, a long coat is easier to wear the same one all of the time. Short jackets are more likely to need to coordinate.

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@arcticwolf: Can you remember the winter coats worn by six people whom you have seen in the past week? No? There you go.

I have a long black dress coat that is 18 years old.

I also have a washable down parka that I wear daily. When the temp. is 1˚, as it is now, we are all too busy keeping warm to care.

When spring comes, usually in late May, I throw the parka into the washing machine.

However, I do have a stunning hand-knit cerulean blue hat w. bobbles that my sister just made for me. I am the glass of fashion (even though I seem to have only unmatched gloves).

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Comfort before fashion.

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I match my coat to the weather. It’s parka season right now, so I wear my parka unless I’m going someplace formal-ish (and indoors), for which I keep a not-a-blazer. It’s held up admirably over the last 8 years, so I can’t really justify getting another one.
I stow a lot of stuff in the parka (scarf, hat, books, pens, notes, cash, lock de-icer, tissues, and on occasions a phone charger and some parachute cord) so I might even wear it when it’s 35+ outside.

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And why wouldn’t it be? You mention in your question that clothes should be washed after one wear, and in the case of most articles of clothing (depending of course on how active you are in said clothing) that’s true. However, because your coat is an outer layer, it should take you longer to get dirty enough to warrant a wash.

But I digress. As long as the coat is clean I think you’ll be perfectly fine wearing it for several days at a time. I wouldn’t worry about a thing.

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Do people really wash (launder, dry clean or clean in some other mechanical / chemical way) at least annually?

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve “washed” or had a winter coat “cleaned” in my entire lifetime (as an adult, anyway), usually after some minor disaster involving massive food or beverage spills, which don’t happen very often. I’ve lived in winter climates for most of my life and I don’t get new coats all that often, either. The two that I wear most frequently nowadays are each over a dozen years old.

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It’s ridiculous to expect someone to have more than one coat. I have a few coats of varying weights (one down-filled, one wool, one “raincoat”, and a couple of spring/fall jackets) and I think I have more than enough.

I’ve lived in Canada all my life and have never given a second thought to the fact that people wear the same coat all winter. It’s not even a consideration. I mean, you may want to have a couple of different coats for different purposes (one for skiing, one for everyday, one for “dressy” occasions) but otherwise it doesn’t matter.

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@WasCy:Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to stay upwind (or do I mean downwind) of you.

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@gailcalled you mean ‘upwind’, but really, my coats aren’t nasty and smelly. And I can smell well enough to know.

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@WasCy I try to get my heavy coat dry-cleaned about once per year, just before winter.

@arcticwolf Think of it this way: your coat is your space suit: it serves to protect you from an inhospitable. Do astronauts rotate suit styles for their social spacewalks?
And WTM is an arctic wolf doing with a coat, anyway?

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wearing the same coat is fine. As long as its winter weather just wash it when its dirty or smell bad.

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