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Where can I buy a nice leather jacket?

Asked by trumi (6486points) November 4th, 2009

Today I set out to find a replacement for my 10 year-old hand-me-down Banana Republic black leather jacket. I was looking for something in the $100–200 range, but could stretch that a little if needed. I went to Macy’s, Men’s Warehouse, Banana Republic, Kohl’s, and (after prompting from one of my more stylish friends) Express and Forever 21. Much to my dismay, it seems that modern fashion has really gone down the shitter. I found brown leather with red stitching, white pleather with fur cuffs, button up dusters with 12 pockets, and a few coats that looked nice from a distance but (upon closer inspection) appear to be made out of garbage bags. I also found several coats that would have likely suited a character in a John Hughes movie, but would look good on anyone in this decade.

I like more simple, classic style clothing – dressy and functional. I’m looking for a jacket that’s warm, zip-up, black, and not hideous. I found a few candidates at Macy’s but they were all upwards of $600. A few stores said they’d be getting coats in a few weeks… but I’m cold now! I hate shopping, but I also know that it’s foolish to buy any article of clothing over $30 on the internet. I would love to have to go to only one more store.

So, I’m looking for store suggestions based on past experience or recommendations from friends and family, but I’d be GIDDY if any of you had recent personal experience with this. Has anyone bought a leather jacket lately?

17/Male/Ohio Medium, Black, must be Leather


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I bought a great Tommy Hilfiger biker leather jacket in Vancouver last week. Couldn’t find a pic of this model right now. It cost $400 though.

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Where in Ohio? Toledo by any chance?

Did you try WIlson Leathers they have stores.

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Columbus – but cool store! Jeffersonville is a 45 min drive for me, but if I get desperate…

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That’s not too bad, 45 minutes, especially if you can do some other shopping while there. They have closed a couple of stores in the past year, I would call ahead just to be 100% sure.

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I really like U.S. Wings. They make a lot of beautiful vintage styles, the leather is gorgeous, the jackets are very well made (I have owned 2 of them for years) and the prices are extremely reasonable.

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do they have an army navy surplus store there? you can get nice thick leather jackets at those for cheep

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Well I don’t know if they still have ‘em but around this time last year i go this really nice leather jacket from sears. Just a plain (which personally i think looks best) no frills jacket. it was slightly under $200 . The manufacturer is Covington.

Oh, hey! Found it:
They reduced the price even further but don’t let that fool you, the jacket is very warm. I use it as my winter thing and having a low retention for heat, I’m a total wuss when it comes to the cold.

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I would say a leather specialty clothing store at the mall would be your best bet.

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Have you got a JC Penney’s out there? They might have something.

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I, too, suggest eBay. For some reason leather jackets start at very cheap prices there, and many are vintage but virtually unworn.

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Wait until after Christmas…..50% to 75% off usually

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Sales should be good all Christmas season, even before Christmas, and you will have a much larger selection. In the last couple of years with the slower economy and less credit available retailers have maintained lower inventories than years past.

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In the Christmas season, you can get a bunch of new stuff in the market.
But i would suggest you to go for a branded one.

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