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What are Egypt's chances of full scale revolution?

Asked by mammal (9431points) January 25th, 2011

Can Egypt replicate Tunisia’s political reformation?

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Yes, the people of Egypt can certainly try to replicate their Tunisian brothers and sisters and revolt against the Mubaraks. Will they, however, is the million dollar question. A few thousand tried this morning, according to western news sources, but will this morning’s protest snowball into a larger revolution, or will it peter out?

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Smaller than in Tunisia. And the outcome involves more risks because the Islamist movement is much stronger in Egypt. The Tunisians want to copy Turkish laicism which is very promising.

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This is a historic moment in Egypt’s history and the chances of Mubarak losing power are very high. It seems to be a popular nationalist rising against a corrupt and much hated government rather than an Islamic revolution. Whatever happens now it is certain that there will be profound changes in Egypt and maybe further afield in the Middle East.

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Yes, indeed. We might witness a revolution in several Arab countries which could almost be compared to fall of the Iron Curtain. This is big.

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I heard on the news this morning that protests that could easily boil over into revolutions have started in Russia. I feel very much like these revolts, and the ones in Europe, are potentially a canary in the coal mine.

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