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Why do I itch when I run?

Asked by irishcurls (64points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

when ever I go to the running at the gym and run a long time sometimes my sides or stomach start to itch, any one else experance this, or better yet know why this happens?

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My head itches, but this happens to me in the winter more than in the summer. I usually attribute it to the cold dry weather making my skin dry and it needing to fall out once the breeze runs through my hair.

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I thought it was just me. When I run my arms itch. I dont know why tho. I thought it had something to do with sweat.

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@babirurtle. Yeah I would guess it has something to do with sweat to.

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Sounds like it could be related to skin-to-fabric friction esp. with loose-fitting apparel; could also be allergy related (low grade) with respect to the materials in your workout apparel.

If cotton, then could be a sensitivity to detergent and/or fabric softener (I have this same issue).

Since your irritations are local to your abdominal area, the source of the allergen is likely topical (skin/contact related) versus other internal allergies.

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I just did a little search. They said it has to do with circulation and after a while it will go away. That before you started to work out there was poor blood circulation in that area. But continue to work out and it will go away.

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you run wrongly.LOL

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LOL @ tiger

And thanks to everyone else for ur help.

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Could it be sweat on your waistline?

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Batwings. That’s what it is.

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@ cornman.


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It caused by blood circulation changes in the subcitanious areas.

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@Irish. I realize you asked this question 4 weeks ago, but I scanned the answers and realized none of them were right. What you have is called exercise induced urticaria (itching). Sometimes taking antihistamines (like benadryl or others) before exercise can alleviate the symptoms, but not always. Check with your doctor. Good luck.

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