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How the hell do I pixelate something in a video?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) January 25th, 2011

I want to know how to pixelate/blur particular objects in video clips, e.g license plates. Windows Movie Maker, of course, doesn’t have that ability, as far as I know. Every program that seems to have this ability, though, is a trial or some other form of paid program “Available for FREE!”, like Camtasia Studio, which had an awesome tool just for this, but the trial expired after a month. Any ideas that don’t require terribly complex video-editing knowledge or purchased programs?

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Have your tried JayCut ? it’s a web application that has some cool editing tools and it’s really free.

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@mrlaconic THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU THANK YOU!! I can doodle into the clips, which serves the same function. Squee!

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