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How do I choose the best fish oil supplements?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) January 27th, 2011

I’m reading a lot of conflicting information on medical websites.
Basically, I want to know what to look for/avoid in a fish oil supplement. Any other vitamin info is appreciated, too!

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Get one that says ‘highest purity’ as some contain toxins which are found in the sea such as murcury. The important fatty acids contained in omega 3 fish oil are EPA and DHA. My one is good and it has 165mg EPA and 110 DHA.

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I take this Omega-3.

My nutritionist (whom I no longer see) recommended it.

I buy whole flax seeds at our local health food store and grind some every few days in a Krups coffee grinder. In the morning I toss 1 T of the ground seed on cottage cheese, cold cereal, oatmeal or later in the day on salads.

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I started with just fishoil, with the omega-3. Then I switched to fish, flax, and borage oil with omega 3, 6, and 9. My cholsterol went up ten points and my hdl went down by 10 points, from 80 to under 70. No fishy taste, it comes in a gel cap.

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I would ask my nutritionist.

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Well, I read some bad stuff about flaxseed and that it doesn’t contain some of the good stuff that fish oil does. What can I trust!?!? Thanks so far, guys.

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Men’s Health magazine has recommended fish oil pills from Nordic Naturals in several of thier issues. The nutrition facts are not vague like most fish oil pills, so I’d recommend them as well.

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I take Carlson’s since they’re supposed to be free of mercury. If I wanted to splurge I’d take
krill oil.

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I transposed my ldl with my hdl. It was the ldl that went down to under 70.

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