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Is tramp a good hotel in las vegas?

Asked by loraina4lyf (52points) April 12th, 2008

there is tramp in vegas hotel!!!!!!
is it a good hotel?

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She was OK, but not really worth the money.

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my parents live in vegas. Its very nice according to them :)

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looks a little seedy:

wha, wha, wha

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Did you mean Trump hotel?

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it looks like you ment trump hotel

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I’ve stayed at Trump and the guests… Well he had it right the first time

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Trump Las Vegas is not a hotel; it’s a condo building.

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it has condos on the premises but is also a hotel/Casino. At least it was two years ago

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Wow, Riser you’re right. Just looked it up. I was there last winter, and striked up a conversation with a cabbie who spilled the beans on Trump + Vegas. Apparently, there was some beef between Steve Wynn and Donald Trump. Wynn invested a lot of money in the Taj Mahal however many years ago, but Trump never earned enough to pay Wynn back. So when Wynn refused to back Trump on his Vegas venture, especially since Vegas is Wynn’s “territory”, Trump retaliated by setting up shop right across from the Wynn Hotel. Wynn was understandably upset about this, so he went to the Nevada Gaming Board, where he has lots of influence, and asked them to deny Trump the gaming license he needed to run a hotel and casino. Because of that, Trump was limited to operating a building with condos units only. No casino, no hotel.

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sorry guies!!!!!
i meant trump :)

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Dude do you mean trump hotel cause in vegas i live there and there is no hotel called tramp maybe on fremont street you can pick up a tramp for some fun but no theres no hotel i think in the world called tramp.theres 1 called peterpan hotel!!!!(Only for pointy ears and noses) haha

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Trump is one of the finest hotels to stay in. Where luxury and extra options like extended stay in Las Vegas is concerned Trump is the best among all.

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