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Can you help me come up with some low carb stove top dinner ideas?

Asked by notsoblond (2490points) September 21st, 2018

We’re living in a hotel for three more weeks. Dinner is provided Monday-Wednesday. I need to make dinner the rest of the week. We have a stove top but no oven. I often cook with an oven so this is becoming difficult for me.

This needs to be low cost. We are saving for first months rent and deposit. It also needs to be low carb.


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Frozen mixed veggies if you have a fridge. Fruits and vegetables are cheap and good for you. Variety of sliced deli meats in a sandwich with tomato’s, lettuce and cheese. Pierogi’s and sour cream. Tomato soup with grilled cheese for dipping.

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If you have a stove top, you can braise chicken breasts, then cook vegetables in the same skillet.

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Green Cabbage is low carb, mild, rather sweet if you don’t cook it too long, and very very inexpensive. You can add it to just about any recipe that will allow vegetables. I love the stuff.

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Pork chops, chicken breast, steak, I make them all stove top. Boil or microwave some veggies, and that’s a meal for me.

I like steak with salad. I use the Italian seasoning dressing in the envelope as a dry rub on the steak, and fry the steak in some oil. I don’t use a lot of oil. I make dressing for the salad out of the same dressing (separate brand new envelope, you can buy them in four packs). Or, any dressing you want. Mostly iceberg for this salad, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, shaved carrot.

Pot roast or brisket recipes. Corned beef and cabbage, or any vegetable you like.

Make chicken soup and then use some of the chicken breast to pull apart so it’s shredded and make tacos.

If it’s carbs from beans is it ok? Black bean soup, or lentil soup, all filling.

One caution. If you tend to cheat and have a dessert or Coke or cereal too often, you might be better allowing a little more healthier carbs in the diet and not getting strong sugar cravings. Carbs like a piece of fruit or beans or corn, etc. maybe you don’t cheat, I’m not assuming you do.

Omelet with veggies and meat. If you watch cholesterol you can do less yolks or no yolks. I like omelets all times of day.

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Oh, we cheat. We’re in the land of fried cheese curds now. :)

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Rotisserie chicken is your friend.

You can make multiple dishes with rotissere chicken, just switch it up a bit.

This one requires no cooking, and you can substitute or add items that fit your needs:
Southwest Chicken Salad:

Again, you can sub or add any ingredients. This one is Sweet and Sour Chicken Lettuce Wraps:

Here is a heartier version of a favorite Asian soup. Chicken Eggdrop Soup:

A nice one for the cooler weather. Chicken Chili (this has no beans, but you can add beans if you are cheating that night):

And breakfast for dinner with a Mexican Style Chicken Omelet:

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Cheese isn’t carbs. Or, did you just mean fattening foods as a cheat? I have a feeling we are similar. Try to be as good as possible when you don’t mind eating the healthy stuff so when you do cheat at least you were good for some other meals.

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I’d live on stir fry. Honey and soy, garlic and ginger. Maybe roll some dumplings and fry-steam on stove top.

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You could buy a toaster oven for $50. I use my oven in my toaster over much much more than my oven. I make frozen pizza in it, baked pasta, roasts, cakes, everything. Just make sure you can fit a baking pan in it before you buy it, and a pizza if you want to make pizza in it. I use it because it heats quickly, and uses less energy. I use it for toasting (especially thick pieces of bread) and broiling also.

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Costco, and Walmart have frozen shrimp bags, for like $7. Add whatever you like. Then eat with brown rice.

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