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I have a sore throat after drinking. Is this normal?

Asked by applepieorange (10points) January 27th, 2011 from iPhone

I drank a few shots then I threw up a lot. Now I have a sore throat and it comes and goes and it’s really bothering me. What’s wrong? Should I be worried? (Im not drinking anymore that was a 1 time thing)

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did you talk REAL loud?? before you barfed? maybe it’s a cold and coincidence.

sore BTW

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It’s from throwing up a lot. You’ll heal.

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If you werent drinking for days on end burning your throat with liquor, it was the acid in the vomit mixed with the alcohol that burned your throat. Gargle with some warm salt water. It will go away. Feel better.

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The puke you puked is your stomach contents and your stomach has lots of acid…strong acid that will burn the sensitive linings of your throat and nose if you were so unfortunate to do that too!! When the room stops spinning, gargle with water and ½ tsp baking soda and get some rest.

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You don t remmember what did you do last night.Than this is a sine of puke.

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Sorry for the late reply and thank you all for your great answers! I appreciate it

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