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How fast can you react?

Asked by Merty (13points) April 13th, 2008

I have to do a Bilogy project for school. It is about reaction times under different conditions.

What I need you to do:
1. Place yourself in one of these categories: a, Feeling normal b, Tired c, Very emotional (angry, sad, nervous, etc…) d, Drunk/stoned e, Under external influence (Like loud music, or if someone is annyoing you right now, etc.)

2. Go to: and follow the instructions.

3. Post your category and average time here!

By the data I have so far, it seems that apart from the ’‘Drunk’’ category, the results have only small differences. What do you guys think about that?

Thanks a lot!

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Tired: Bobbing Bobcat.
Doing that is slightly addictive. I hope the project goes well for you!

Edit: Also, welcome to Fluther!

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Ambling Armadillo

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Under external influence: Ambling Armadillo

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I am a rocketing rabbit.

I’m not sure what category to place myself in. I am now in week 5 of violent vertigo so I’m guessing drunk/stoned or under external influence??? But you can decide.

This was fun!! Thanx and good luck with your experiment.

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Bobbing Bobcat; 0.228 seconds avg.
Under External Influence (currently attending a conference presentation)

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Very Tired: Bobbing Bobcat

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Bobbing Bobcat and I’m sleepy.

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First one: bobbing bobcat
Another try (with the volume turned up) rocketing rabbit.


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1st time: Sluggish Snail ( i hit the button when a sheep didn’t run.. shit.)
2nd time: Bobbing Bobcat

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Turbo Charged Cheetah.
Stoned out of my mind. ^_^

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.278 seconds, i am so bad at that!!

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Ok, i tried it again, without the sound, im still kinda tired, but i got .154 seconds. I don’t know if the sound makes a difference or not.

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