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What are some adjectives that describe a kitchen?

Asked by chickadee (38points) February 1st, 2011

I’m writing some journal entries for school about my dream house. My dream house is a mansion and I’m saying that as you walk through the ______ kitchen you can already see the wooden door leading to the elevator shaft. What do I put in the blank? I want it to sound exotic. But not like the word “glorious” because I don’t want to seem like a complete brat about how rich and amazing I want to be. Haha! Thanks! Oh and by the way a word for living room would also be appreciated.

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functional, spacious, and regally appointed

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warm and inviting

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The term that’s always used by people on any of the shows on HGTV is “open kitchen.” That’s what everyone wants. Or “big open kitchen” or “sprawling kitchen.” Or “big modern kitchen. Or “new contemporary kitchen.”

In most of the newer houses, the kitchen is open to what used to be called the “family room.” But now they call this whole thing, which usually contains either an open dining room or a breakfast table a “great-room.” The living room is usually a separate and more formal area. You could call that a “sitting room” or a “parlor” (but this 2nd term is kind of antiquated).

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Sumptuously bitchin’ kitchen.
What the hey, it rhymes. ;-p

How about a luxuriously cozy living room?

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A spacious, well-equipped, and deliberately planned kitchen.

Kitchens can be too big. The planning and positioning of the appliances, counter and storage needs to be done in a deliberate, thoughtful manner. Granite or marble countertops, six burner AGA stove, Subzero refrigerator and freezer, butler’s pantry off the kitchen.

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Capacious kitchen
Space-age kitchen
Stunning kitchen
Elegant living room
Cozy living room
Inviting living room
Intimate living room

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The library

The cozy study

The meeting place

The center of home

Little home

The house’s heart

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Dream kitchen

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Comfortably appointed / well appointed

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First of all it depends on the state of the kitchen. For example, it could putrid, or filthy, decaying, termite infested, flamable.

But if it isn’t any of those things then i could describe a kitchen as sparkling, spacious, inviting, Charming,

Maybe the house was a victim of piracy or theft, you could say the kitchen has been ransacked, or on fire!

Perhaps someone has been cooking and has left the roast or cookies in the oven too long, you could describe with words such as, unbearably smoke filled; or yet again, On fire.

Lets say the wallpaper is tacky, and the tile has been there since the house was built in the 60’s or 70’s you could describe it as “Retro” or “needs remodeling”

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