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Computer software to track time usage details?

Asked by prasad (3859points) February 3rd, 2011

Do you know any software that can tell me details like when I turned on my computer, how much time I used it, when turned off, & probably, how much time I spent on which activities, etc.

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I dont know of a program, but if you are running a windows machine:

1. Click start
2. Run, type CMD and hit enter
3. When the black window with white writting appears, type “systeminfo” without the quotes.
System uptime is one of the things it displays, you will have to scroll up. It will tell you how long the machine has been on.

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“When the black window with white writting appears, type “systeminfo” without the quotes.”

I tried that but it doesn’t work for me.
I have Windows XP. Could it be that it only works with Vista and/or W7?

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@mowens Thanks. It is really informative.
@Brian1946 It does work on XP. Do the same; start->Run->cmd; hit enter. Type


hit enter; scroll above to see details.

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