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Why is it ok for Christians to drink alcohol, but smoking pot is out of the question?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) April 13th, 2008

I’m talking about those Christians that do drink alcohol of course. I’m also talking about disregard of law. Like, most Christians I know are all about pot being terrible for you, aside from that it’s against the law.
Don’t both harm your body equally, is pot that much worse than alcohol?

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Actually both most probably do harm your body, at least in some way.

Alcohol is legal.
As my Christian, alcoholic aunt would say (when confronted): “hey it’s ok, Christ drank wine.”

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I believe it is because alcohol is specifically addressed in the Bible, and recommended (in moderation.) Also, Jesus states that one should abide by the laws of one’s land, except in those cases where it interferes with their Christian beliefs. As pot is illegal, it would be “un-Christian” to partake in it.

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I’m catholic and I smoke. Everyone I know does ocassionally? I don’t know. Im actually not a drinker at all. I think its worse in a way. That’s just me though.

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I agree even though I do drink.

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Pot is less harmful then smoking a cigarette and way less harmful then drinking a ton of beers. Alcohol has caused a significant amount of deaths pot has not. Pot is prescribed to the ill, alcohol is not and yet i still have no idea why Christians are super against it but if they researched the bible enough i bet Christ smoked a little pot before he was hung up on that cross, or maybe everyone around him was smoking pot and thought they hung him up on the cross!

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Oh shit it was just really strong weed. It all makes sense now.<stoner voice> Its like Jesus MANNNN he like rose from the dead and shit wowwwwww.

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haha, thats how i imagined it happening! or maybe it was just laced with LSD.

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there’s all different types of weed.
At a cannabis shop were you have to have a special license to get in, you go there and say “I want to smoke some strong stuff” and they will sell that to you. All different crazy names for them. Cat piss was the strongest I’ve smoked. And its natural, unlike alcohol or cigs… So why would God be so against it?

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(its all about knowing your limits, and never overdoing it)

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@ppcakes you cant lace weed with LSD. LSD decomposes at relatively low levels of heat. To the point where leaving in the sun would ruin it.So direct fire would destroy it instantly . ^_^ ......anyyyyyyway

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oh no, that would be terrible, how silly of me. whats really ashame is that im reading a book about the development of LSD and haven’t learned that yet. LSD fascinates me more then most things on the earth.

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why does it fascinate you?

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@theHaight did you mean why does it fascinate you?

edit:disregard this

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I’m not really sure, i think its because its an invented substance, i think it intrigues me because its a man made substance that a scientist just happen to stumble into making during the war, also all the controversy and scandals behind LSD.

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exactly, that’s why I edited it as soon as I could. I’m on my phone right now uber

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is it true you can have flashbacks?? And how long does it stay in your system? (sorry… Getting off topic, its just interesting because I’ve never heard of anyone being fascinated by something like LSD, and I know some crazy druggies..)

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my best friends boss used to have intense flashbacks, he would be driving, he owned a sign business, going to drop off the sign he has made and would have to pull over because of a flashback and its not just flashbacks when he was driving, it was when something triggered it. I’m not sure about how often it happened, as i didn’t work with him, but my best friend always seemed quite freaked out by it. But his boss also did LSD religiously when he was “younger”

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craziness! I’d never touch that.
I heard it just can stay in your system forever… Which means risking geting certain jobs.

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ppcakes its not an invented substance.Its only semisynthetic. It is an ergot alkaloid derivative. Ergot is a fungus.

@TheHaight the whole thing with flashbacks is this. If anyone is to have an overly tramic experience in their life they will flash back. For instance a car accident or rape. LSD is the same way when not treated with respect. LSD is also known to bring out psychological disorders you have that haven’t emerged. The thing is though if you know your not at risk for these and you respect the drug you will be fine. I think it is one of the most amazing substances on the planet. The way you can think is just amazing. James D. Watson and Francis Crick the people who discovered the double helix of dna used LSD as a tool to clear their mind and allow them to think.

The best analogy i can give to you to describe it is this. Look at your computer desk. Probably cluttered with all kinds of crap. This is your mind. Millions of thoughts rushing around. You take LSD and you just throw everything off your desk onto the floor. Its clear clean. Your mind is blank. You have a clean working space. Just like your desk.

edit :LSD only stays in the body for 72 hours that for life thing is more government propaganda. They dont even test for LSD on a standard drug test.

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Interesting analogy! Damn my phone Is dying.
I still wouldnt ever try it! :-/

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i don’t know about staying in your system but one of my friends from high school, her brother did LSD one day, and she said he never came back from his trip, he sits on her couch talking to himself and he never knows really what is going on. Its really quite sad, maybe she told me that story so i wouldn’t do LSD, or maybe its a true story, i no longer talk to her cause im not in high school.
I think im fascinated because of all the horror stories i have heard, i like to hear the bad with the good and with LSD i get both sides of the story.

@uberbatman, from the book i’m reading, it described LSD as a man made drug, by a scientist, used as a chemical substance for POW, to make them confess or something. too bad my books at school and im at home. ugh! maybe i should say fuck the book and come talk to you!

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You just have to love the panel of experts on this one.LOL

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Jesus used to listen to Dr. Dre’s older work but never heard anything after NWA so he figured smokin’ weed would “give a brother brain damage”.

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Yeah, @Robby that’s what I was thinking. I’d kinda like some Christians to weight in with their opinion.

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@breefield, sorry we kinda got off topic.

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Oh, it’s awesome. Discussion is a good thing. I don’t mind.

I just think the question was somewhat directed at x-ians in a way, even though I didn’t realize it at first. But they need to justify their actions! jk

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Smoking pot is never out of the question! I always liked the saying, “God made weed, man made alcohol. Who do you trust?”

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breefield, what are x-ians and what do you “they need to justify their actions???”

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@TheHaight Christians, you know like x-mas

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hhaha ridiculous
(I’ve never heard that one) wow… I’m an x-ian… Cool. Well, catholic. X-lic!??!!!

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@thehaight i never heard it ever. Just an educated guess.

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@thehaight, no you’re still a catholic, X represents Christ.

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I wonder how that came about? Guess that’s a whole other question…

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i think it was because people are lazy and want to find a shortcut for absolutely everything.

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Yeap, that’s pretty much it. I’m far to lazy to type of that word all the time.

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Mild to spicy.

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Great explanation on LSD. I agree with you 100%. We are taught thatl mushrooms, acid, marijuana, and many psychadelics are sooo bad for us, while some tribes use these drugs for religious and spiritual trips. These natural substances, psilocybin, ergot, THC, DMT, morning glory, etc., are natures way of communicating with us. They give us different perpectives on our lives. You might realize things about your life that were negative, but never realized it before. You might have a “bad trip” because of that realization, since feelings tend to be greatly exagerrated, but in the end, you might have learned a great deal during your trip. is a great site for drug research. something about themself, our lives.

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Christians and Catholics; they are hypocrites.
Want facts? I’ll give em’ up if you need that level of convincing.

They can get drunk. It’s okay. Christ drank.
I can’t get stoned. Oh, but if Christ used Marijuana – everything would be fine.
It would be legal. Cannabis would be looked upon as a ‘good thing’.

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@Rastamon, Welcome to Fluther. I see that your profile says you are a peace loving guy. But calling an entire group of people names while having that in your profile seems to make you a hypocrite as well. Please read the fluther guidelines provided in the link below.

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to say “Christians and Catholics are hypocrites” is pretty hypocritical yourself if you’re a peace loving guy.

I’d like to see the fu*king facts, because I am a catholic and I don’t get drunk, and I smoke weed. I can give you more facts about my catholic self if you’d like. You have no right to attack one group like that.

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Attacking other’s is noooo way to get your point across – as scamp and haight have said.

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if the Christian God created heaven and earth, and all the plants and animals, and intended for man to have dominion over the plants and animals, then God must have created the pot plant, and intended for us to use it…right???

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emt333 – Amish people aren’t supposed to have computers, leave the library and go back to your farm :p

Seriously just kidding, I just couldn’t resist from making that joke.

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Why can’t Muslims drink alcohol, or eat pork, but can blow thenselves up and kill people at random? Answer: stupid religion tricks.


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Probably because Jesus drank wine.

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Ok…..I’m a christian and I got stoned…..I’m liberal. and a hippie who liked LSD…..I had rainbows coming out of my fingers one night at the lake. Christianity should be about love.
This judgement stuff is not good, and why I dont go to church much.

I have tons of faith in myself and I am free to be myself.God made me who I am.and It’s all good.

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because pot is the devils drug while alcohol is christianly.

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Alcohol, in small quantities, is not harmful, and can even be beneficial. That said, the Bible does say bad things about getting drunk.

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Many Christians interpret the Bible as prohibiting the consumption of alcohol.

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There’s actually a verse in the Bible that says Jesus gave up drinking wine from that point on. Not sure exactly which verse, but yes, the Bible does prohibit the consumption of alcohol at one point.

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It does seem odd doesn’t it? Especially when the Book of Revelation was written under the influence of an illusionary drug derived from fungus.

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The question as to why drinking alcohol and smoking weed are seen in different lights, as one being better or less evil than the other is in short very similar to the thought of non-believers that pedophilia is worse than homosexuality even when the person who express having it never acted upon it. With Christians (being people of faith), the bar of logic need not be as high as for the non-believer. Some believers take parts of scripture that says drunkenness is a sin, or be drunk on the Spirit and not of wine to mean NOT to drink because you will get drunk. Add the fact that tradition over decades or longer that believe that in ignorance and you have a belief that is believed simply because it exist and no one take the effort to test the scripture. Another thing is that one can drink wine and not be inebriated. I don’t know if you can smoke without being inebriated and if you could, what would the benefit of smoking it if it did not? To do anything that blocks the Spirit (which would be anything taking you out of your sober mind) would be sinful. In actuality both can be OK or sinful depending on the heart, motivation, and application of the person.

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