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What do you get a lovey dovey guy for valentines day?

Asked by melissachelsea (126points) February 5th, 2011

i’ve been seeing my boyfriend for a couple of months now, and i love him too bits, but i have no idea what to get him for valentines day!
he’s a very lovey dovey guy, he wears designer stuff like holister, superdry etc… i just have no idea what to get him ! SERIOUS HELP NEEDED PLEAASSEE!!

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depending on intimacy, clothing, either a shirt or underwear. or something from adam and eve dot com, they sell adult toys. or even lingerie for you to wear for him

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You could make him a scrapbook of your time together. Photos, ticket stubs, mementos.

You could cook a special dinner for him.

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I like the scrapbook idea. Or you could get him concert tickets, because it’s a gift and a date in one :)

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those are great ideas! but i cant really some of them as we’re both 17, and none of his favourite bands are playing live for at least another year… any other ideas?

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Part of the loss of the digital age has been the art of the mix tape. If your bands aren’t playing anytime soon, put together a CD compilation or playlist of your mutual or his favorites, make a pretty CD label/cover for him, and give that to him.

Maybe finding some rarities or B-sides might work too…

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@iamthemob thats PERFECT! thank you soo much!

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If you know what he likes to eat and you can cook (or at least acquire) some of his favorites and pack a romantic Valentine’s day picnic. Are there any pretty parks or lakes near your house? Get a nice comfy blanket, pack a picnic lunch in a cooler and spend some time feeding him strawberries or grapes.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Maybe just sandwiches and potato salad and chips with some fruit (that you can feed to him) and get a couple of those plastic champagne “glasses” at the 99 cent store and serve some Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. With maybe some chocolate cake for dessert.

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