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I have a serious intestine pain? Can anyone identify this pain?

Asked by aidoom7 (273points) February 6th, 2011

This morning I woke up and I tried to sit up in my bed and I couldn’t because I had this pain in my intestines so bad I had to call my mom. Dr. Jellies can you help me identify this pain?

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Best to see a doctor.

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But I have a real busy day today. Do you think there will be anything on the internet about my pain?

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What are your other symptoms? Fever? Nausea? Is the pain sharp, dull, constant, throbbing, fleeting? What “area” of your intestines or stomach hurt? Any other area in pain?

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Can anyone identify this pain? Yes, a doctor.

Without more details, and knowing the severity and duration of the pain, I doubt if any Jellies can just guess. Age, sex, medical history, other symptoms, last movement… and such would be helpful.

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You have “serious intestine pain” and a “real busy day?” If it is serious you have time to see a doctor.

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If you can’t sit up or get out of bed, you’re not doing jack today anyways. You sound in no condition to drive. Get someone to drive you.

Pain where you can’t sit up is the kind of thing the ER is really created for. Call your doctor’s answering service and let the doctor on call know what’s going on.

As for what it could be, the first possible on the list is appendicitis. You need a real doctor who knows what he’s feeling for to explore your abdomen, and you will need an x-ray. You can’t get either of those on the internet.

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Your health should be a priority. No one, I repeat, no one is too busy to die. There is no secret corner of the internet that has your pain and your solution on it. If this is serious pain, then get serious and go to the hospital. DIY health may work for mundane and minor problems but not this kind of thing.

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But I have a real busy day today.

Yes you do. You have to be at the doctors.
We don’t know if you ate something bad, or something is growing where it shouldn’t, or if you have had a personal relationship with a gerbil that really, really wants to get back in its cage.
You need to be examined to figure this out. It is best that the person who examines you is a doctor.
Go to, I pray thee.

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Also, you need to be seen by a doctor because your communication skills about what’s going on with you is poor. You have given no indication about your gender, your theshhold of pain, if the pain is localized, if it is constant or spasmatic, or when your last bowel movement was, what you last had to eat, fever, etc.

I don’t mean this in a bad or mean way, but if your first action was to call your mother, and this is the first time something like this has happened to you, you are not qualified to self-assess.

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I’m a man of 36, the pain is just when I bend over or something… no I have no symptoms of nausea or anything… I was up till 10:00 last night, my last movement was going honk shoo (sleep) and typing on my laptop. No I haven’t got a problem in my medical history. I also made a really huge stool last night it was kind of mushy… My intestines is just kind of sore.. I went to Monkey Joe’s yesterday and I ate a small cup of ice cream… Does that help you come to a conclusion?


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I had major intestine pain last night on the way back from a comedy, and put it down to trapped wind (damn you baked beans from breakfast!). Found it hard to move about, and had to penguin walk when I got off the train!
It could be just trapped wind, in which case it should ease off in an hour or so, and you can get remedies from a local pharmacy.
If it doesn’t ease off (and you don’t pass wind) then seeking medical advice from a Doctor would be advisable.

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With vicerall pain (ie pain coming from the soft tissues) it is impossible to identify the cause from the pain alone even if you are a doctor. Stomach ulcers, gall stones, renal cholic, cardiac problems etc can all present with very, very similar pain descriptions. If you’re a girl then there’s even more things to cause the pain.

If the pain is so bad you can’t move you need to be in an ER.

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Check out This article and then you will understand why people on the internet really can’t help diagnose something as potentially complex as belly pain.

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Did you lift anything in the last few days?? Sounds kinda similar to what I went through with my hernia.

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The pains wearing off now…

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