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Which cylinders vacuum cleaner is the best to buy for home cleaning?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1917points) February 6th, 2011

I gave up, it is hard to find a good dust cleaning. I bought 3 and after less than a year I threw them in the trash because they are spoiled and were not strong enough. Why is it so hard to get a normal vacuum cleaner that last?

Maybe you have any recommendations for firms or what I should check vacuum to know that it is strong enough. I have a dog so I need to clean his hair falls around the house.

I heard about Dyson, but it’s expensive. Is it worth the price?

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The Dyson is good, but didnt do the job I wanted for my Akita. What kind of dog?
There are many manufacturers that are coming out with ones that are supposed to do better on these kinds of things, but like you said, just dont cut it. I did research and reviewed Consumer Reports to select the newer Hoover.
I have two (Dyson & Hoover) and I am glad for hardwood floors and leather furniture.
For general cleaning I do like the dyson better. No pun intended but it really sucks that you have to spend that much for a vacuum.

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I have a dyson and so does my mom and a friend of mine. We both love ours and recommend them. You can try to catch them on sale to help with the cost.

My mom has one of the animal ones (because of her cat and dog) and it does a great job. She has an English Bulldog and I’m not sure what breed her cat is. I’m allergic to their dander though, so I can definitely say the dyson animal that she has does better than what she had before. My friend has a cat that sheds a lot (not sure of the breed) and she got the regular dyson and she said it works a lot better than her old vacuum.

I got mine from Target (it was a special edition one made exclusively for target). They were discontinuing the old style and getting ready to get the newer one (with the ball), so I got it on clearance for $150 instead of the normal price. I’ve had it for about 4 years now and it’s still working great!

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I have the animal Dyson, and find it does a good job. If I vaccum, it picks up all sorts of things. When I empty the cannister and revacuum the room, nothing else gets picked up. How I came to purchase the Dyson was, my neighbor lent me his to test. I vacuumed the room with my Hoover, and then immediately went back over it with the Dyson, and the cannister filled up.

Mine is 3 years old and works great.

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I too am on the Dyson Animal band wagon…
Great tool, it just works…

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I will add, that the best advice anyone gave me with respect to vacuums is that vacuum cleaners should be taken to a service center at least every 18 months for servicing, which should include an internal cleaning and a new beater bar. If you vacuum regularly, the brushes on the beater bar wear down, and the vacuum will not pick up as well.

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We have a Dyson too. I had too many vacuums die on me after a couple of years.

I have two dogs one that sheds regularly. The Dyson does a great job picking everything up.

In my mind spending $250 – $300 every two years was expensive. If this $500 Dyson lasts then it will be cheaper in the long run.

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I also own a Dyson animal vacuum. I probably had three or four different ones (including a Kirby) before I got the Dyson. I love it. I have a cat (have had multiple cats) and a dog (Chow Chow mix). It works great on getting the fur out of the carpet. I vacuum a lot because of an infant and find that even though I cannot see the fur the canister is still usually at least half full when I finish each room.

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I believe the horsepower of the motor is what determines the strength of the suction. Talk to several vacuum cleaner dealers, or do some extensive research online.

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My dyson stopped sucking after 3 years and that sucked. Now I am grateful for hardwood floors and my swifter…..but yeah, when the dyson worked, it was awesome!

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I totally agree with the Animal Dyson users above (I am one). I have a German Shedder and a shedding Labradoodle. I also have a Roomba who keeps up with the daily sweeping in the main room. Love both of them!

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I like our medium-grade Orecks, they’ve lasted well and work well. Their product lines are clearly presented as get-what-you-pay-for, their top end machines might outlast you, their least expensive machines are great for the price. Made in USA too, woo-woo !
I wish they made a high-CFM shopvac though, I want one and that might be what you need.

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If you can’t afford a new Rainbow or Compact, find a used one. I found a excellent Compact Electra at a yard sale for $10 and I LOVE it! I call it my Super Sucker!

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The problem with almost all canister type vacuums is that when the bag/filter is empty/clean, it works fairly well but as more and more dirt is collected, the machine looses power. And you want that power to deep clean. That’s why I use a Compact: It isn’t a standard canister type vacuum and it maintains excellent power until the bag is almost entirely full. The Rainbow has a water filter (that must be cleaned after each use to avoid getting moldy/smelly/stinky) so it also maintains a high degree of continuous sucking power during use.

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