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What is a good daily distance to ride your bicycle?

Asked by 12Oaks (4051points) February 10th, 2011

Is it better to go faster and at a longer distance, or slower where it takes more pedal pushing to go the same distance? I’m not really into helmets or kneepads or the such, just like to wear what I normally wear on a what seems to be lately cooler than average summer days.

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Where are you riding? Road, rail trail, off road, mountain, etc?
What kind of bike? Road, Hybrid, mountain?

Wear a helmet if you are in traffic, mountain, going anything over 15 miles per hour, or if you are a novice.

What do you want to accomplish?

Is this casual enjoyment, trying to get fit?, training for a century?

All of these matter depending on what your goals are?

In general, you want ride at an aerobic level and at as high a cadence (pedal revolutions/min) as you can maintain consistently over the whole terrain if you are doing anything serious. If it is casual, it does not matter.

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Always wear your helmet. You never know when a car will get out of control and send you flying 80 meters down the road.

As to riding—I would ride as much as I could fit into my schedule. But I love riding. I wouldn’t push the pace unless I felt like it.

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@blueiiznh Usually a closed course like an arboretum or maybe public trails or parks. Some pavement, some not. Some hills, some flat. As far as the kind, not sure, but has knobby tires and like 18 or so gears.

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Is this for recreation or building riding distance or weight loss?? Mix it up would be my suggestion. Do some rides where you ride hard and fast and then slow it up for a recovery. Other rides go long and steady for a long distance 10+ miles. Other rides blast it out full on for 5+ miles. Once or twice hit the trails for 25+ mile cruises. Join a riding club in your area and let them push your limits! Have fun!

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Five or six miles one way then five or six miles home works good for me.

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I missed your real question. A good daily distance can be anywhere from 10–25 miles.
Certainly mix up your routine if you are planning on this being a long standing daily thing. Mix up your days with different goals and routes to build that variety into your ability.
When I train for the Pan Mass Challenge I build up for 3 months riding 6 days a week, building distance each week. Every day is something different. You may want to gauge your ride time in how many hours.
If you are doing closed paths, then your speed is going to be governed by your surrounding.

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I would be thrilled to make 2 blocks this spring! But, then, I’ll have to come back 2 blocks to get to the driveway again so that will make a grand total of 4 blocks. lolol

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First time riding to work since the snows came. Not too bad, but still a lot of ice in the bike lanes. But, YAY!

Amazing how quickly you can go soft.

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@wundayatta nice job…......The feeling of spring also found me on my bike for a bit.

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