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Which burns more calories: walking or riding a bike?

Asked by Spargett (5395points) May 16th, 2008

So here it is. Which one gives you more exercise? Casually riding a bike through a generally flat area, or walking at a slightly brisk pace.

I’m really kinda on the fence about this one. Walking seems to require much more energy to propel the 120–180 pounds across the ground, while on a bike, you seem to just be rolling with the wheels momentum, occasionally pedaling.

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Unless your pedaling as hard as you can with out coasting, the bike is not doing anything for ya.

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First number is 123 lb. woman. 2nd number is a 170 lb. man.

Walking (15 min/mile)

Cycling (5.5 mph)
Cycling (9.4 mph)
Cycling (racing)

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I found a calculator online that shows that working on a stationary bike can burn more calories than walking, but a regualr bike probably doesn’t burn as much.

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Riding a bike and coasting in my eyes is equivalent to jogging and then standing still every 5 seconds. If you’re on a bike and you’re in it for the exercise, don’t stop pedaling unless you need to stop. Coasting is anathema to cyclists. That being said, I’m always much more tired after running than cycling…but I think I burn more calories when cycling than walking any day.

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cycling > walking

running > cycling

walking > fluthering

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Walking at a brisk pace burns more calories than jogging slowly. So I would hypothesize(sp?) that it would also burn more than cycling and coasting. If you walk with extra resistance (weight belt, ankle/wrist weights) you can burn even more calories and even build muscle.

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Off-topic: I am irresistibly drawn to people who use “anathema”.

On the other hand, there (their, they’re -pick any at random) is our old friend you’re=you are, and your = possession.

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you’re on it like white on rice, @gail. lol You don’t often miss a beat, do you? :)

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The grammar lessons are getting old.

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@Glial; so you think that we should cancel Summer School? :-)

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