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What symbols when seen give you a sense of power/wealth?

Asked by robdamel (786points) February 12th, 2011

For example, the rolex`s crown, or Roll`s Royce`s ‘R’. Or the Horse standing on two legs for Ferrari. What symbol, whatever it may be, gives you a sense of power/wealth? Or mystery, like the Mason`s letter G and a ruler.

Can you think of your own symbol that would be cool, that would be awesome to represent something (a club, brand name, a manufacturer of costly items)?

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To be honest – the U.S. flag and the Presidential Seal both do it for me.

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Thats a good example too.

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@coffeenut – I’m fairly certain that the second represents a not insignificant possession of the first. ;-)

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Tags on clothes .

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Personally, I don’t feel powerful from anything I don’t think. Powerful does not enter in my mind. When I first read the question I thought of the US flag like @iamthemob, but then hesitate, because I don’t feel powerful, I feel greatful, proud, a part of something, among many.

I like driving around in my Porsche, because it is fun. I like the clothes, the logo, but I actually do not like driving it when I am one of the few in an expensive car. I prefer to blend in than to stand out. The Porsches are my husbands gig, when I pick an every day car for me I tend to buy a four door moderate Japanese car. I don’t feel wealthy from the prestige things I own. What makes me feel wealthy (I only use that term, because the OP is using it, I am not technically wealthy, more upper middle class) is having money in the bank so I can buy what I need, do things on whim, and don’t have to panic if we lose our jobs.

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Seeing injustice.

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@robdamel I am curious, did you ask this question because you are trying to come up with a symbol or logo for something? A lot of the prestigious brands use their letters: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Yve Saint Laurent, Christian Dior. You mentioned Ferrari’s horse, many prestigious brands have equestrian logos, I think Hermes uses a horse and carriage? Well, and they use their H. Some use crown like symbols, Rolex, Maserati to name a few. More ideas too look up logos are jewelry brands that branched out ino fragrance and some other things like Boucheron and Cartier. Clothing more handbags and accessories: Prada, Armani black label, Versace. Lastly it is not just the logo, many of the expensive brands people recognize before they ever see the logo, just by the style and quality.

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Smooth fresh blacktop highways.
A black on black sedan, immaculately kept clean.
Columbian emeralds.
Public buildings with stone, wood and lots of manicured greenery.
Filled polished wood bookcases.

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” the ultimate power in the universe.”

Opulence, is this really what wealth is?

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@JLeslie Thanks, excellent answer I was more looking for. I`m trying to think of a prestigous symbol (for a project). Doesnt have to represent any name in particular, simply looking at it gives an idea of wealth (ie Crown.) I`d like more ideas though. Thanks

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what symbol when seen gives a sense of happines?

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Did I mention crest logos?

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crest logos! any links

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Porsche, University of Cambridge…

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University of Cambridge, I agree

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