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Can your mood/type of events affect the way you look?

Asked by amandaafoote (860points) April 14th, 2008

Lately kinda sucky stuff has been happening with my life, and around the same time everything with my looks seems to be frustrating me more(hair, etc) so I was wondering, do you think your mood can affect your looks to that extent?

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I actually do. Whenever I feel really tired and out of it I really feel like my physical appearance is weird. In reality I look exactly the same no matter what I do because I’m a guy and have a buzzcut which means not much about my actual apperance changes

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Find something that spruces you up when you’re feeling particularly bleh. I’m addicted to the cute perfumes from Demeter. I put on a cute scent like “Chocolate Chip Cookies” and feel better. Or I put in my favorite plugs and slip in my favorite dangly earrings under them.

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definately when I dont feel good or stress has taken over my life I look the way i feel.

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I can’t say that I think your actual appearance changes. I do believe that thing can seem more frustraiting, and little things stand out more. From that, its easier and makes more sense that someone would become more drastic over something that’s not a big deal. Just my take on the situation though.

By the way, sorry to hear things are going bad for you. Just remember it could be worse and people are around for your support.

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absolutely what the other guys said

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hey!!!! You aren’t alone, promise. Ive been feeling that way lately as well. When you’re feeling negative, it almost feels like everything around you is too,... Including looks. What delirium said: put something on that makes you feel good! Or eat yummy ice cream. Mmmm. Also, I dont know if you’re like this but I am: when I’m sad everyone knows it, because I guess I can wear my heart on my sleeve… So yes, it really can affect your appearance. Feel better.

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I’m sure it does. Some changes are obvious, like your face looks more energetic when you smile, but stress of various kinds will affect both your appearance and your perception of your appearance. Being tired and stressed can affect your sleep, can make you feel drained and I know from myself my nails are weaker and crack more easily and my hair seems more frizzy when I’m tired or stressed. Of course there’s also the effect the stress will have on your mood which in turn may affect how you move your face which can affect wrinkles and such.
That being said I believe the biggest difference you might see would be in your own perception, when things are going to your disliking, it’s easy to psychologically transfer that dislike to yourself, maybe because your look is something you can affect and change – which may not be the case for the things around you.
As long as your aware that changing your look will not fix things around you that have gone wrong, I think it’d be a good way to achieve some success and feel empowered to go do something for yourself and your appearances, like a facial, spa, sunbed, haircut, etc.

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well if you have alot on your mind you may not being getting a full nights rest or you may be sleeping eight hours but its not eight quality hours which will def make your skin less vibrant and give you a tired drained look. After awhile it can really take a toll. Believe me I only sleep about four hours a night on week days and try my best to catch up on sleep during weekends but its really wearing me down and effecting my life as a whole. Which all shows in how I look. On the rare occasion I get two nights of good rest I get compliments at work. On bad weeks people will tell me I look like hell and I need to get some sleep. Blah. Everything you do in life , your eating habits, sleep, excercise, if you smoke. It all shows. Try focusing on being healthier. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you will see the difference. I started to try to take care of myself better and besides smoking and lack of sleep I feel alot better about my self for eating better and working out. Plus I look better. Just some ideas and it will take your mind off of what I’m guessing has to do with a boy… Or two if you get down like that LOL

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