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Why is it my macbook is coming from Shanghai, China?

Asked by Randy (11199points) April 15th, 2008

I just ordered a black macbook (First mac, so I’m very excited!) and it’s being shipped from Shanghai. I was always told and believed that Apple was an all American company. I must be wrong, can someone fill me in?

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Howdy from a non-American mac user….
I believe Apple is a global company, at least I doubt very much it was a Californian who wrote the Danish manual for my MacBook

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Yes, I don’t know details on Apple’s globalness, but I would expect at this point that just about any big company would be international. Reading the book, “The World Is Flat,” by Thomas Friedman, really opened my eyes to the new international playing field – just how interconnected we are.

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I’m sorry, I should explain further. A large company like Apple would be crazy not to sell outside the US, and I could see how they would need help on things like language barriers. I was always told that the parts and products came from the US. The more I’m going on, the more I see how I could find the answer myself. Sorry.

It just seems crazy if they are located in California that my computer would come from China, being as Cali is so much closer.

Again, sorry. Attempting to check Apple’s site now.

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Designed in cali, made in china

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I’ve had macs that were built in Ireland, Czech Republic, China and Taiwan….
I don’t think they’d be very competitive if they were to keep manufacturing solely in the U.S.

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Hardly any tech companies build anything except a couple prototypes in America, all their products are made in China or a similar country where labour is cheap and regulations are non-existent.

They don’t come from California because all they would be able to ship you is the blueprint for the computers.

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Apple manufacture all of their products in China. It was designed in California, but manufacturing there is too expensive.

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Nearly every American company that does large scale manufacuring outsources their production overseas. Parts and labor are much cheaper than if they made everything over here. If they did that, your new mac would cost three times what you paid for it!

Another thing is that if you look at the stickers plastered all over the bottom, the inner workings come from about seven different countries.

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it clearly says on the product “designed by apple in Cali assembles in China”

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Also, Apple stores no product (other than retail locations and resellers) inside the U.S. There is no U.S. Apple warehouse.

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corporate greed. Its killing America. But that’s another heated discussion

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Because if it didn’t, you wold probably never afford to buy it.

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I’d hate to say it, but most jobs are being shipped over seas. Its the Capitalism in us..

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Better if they come from Shanghai, than if they were to come from the trunk of a car in the back yard. ...Or…?

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Regardless of where they are made, Macs are the best. I will never go back to a pc…...

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I basically come down to hypocrisy. People want goods and they want them near free. But then when you point out that near free or very cheap pair of jeans that are decently made was done with foreign labor or even foreign labor that was children they want to scold the company/store that had them created or purchased the. Same with houses, no one cares about the illegals that set the tile and did the carpet if it means they will get the house for %23,000 less. They don’t care about the illegals sweating in the sun if it keeps them from having to pay $7 a head for lettuce or $3 a piece for apples.

Those who have little cash resent those who have it because they can live a life style the less off wish they could live. They really do not have a grasp of the free enterprise system. You can have anything done quick, done well, done cheap, you can have any 2 but you will rarely get all 3. If you want it fast and cheap don’t expect it to be very good. If you want it cheap and well done, don’t expect it to be very quick. If you want something quick and well done it won’t be cheap.

Most of what we buy is from China, Japan, India or some other foreign soil, Apple would be no exception. If it was made here with union labor and I hate having to say that being a union man that Mac might cost 3 times as much. People often hate profit unless THEY are making the profit. No one wants to feel they are giving their hard earned money to make another person rich.

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Bring us your technology and we’ll clone it and resell it at 400% markdown. Capitalism and Communism together at it’s finest.

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