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I am about to buy a macbook...should I wait?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) June 24th, 2008

In an effort to not repeat my luck so far…I am on the verge of buying a new macbook. I will be upset if apple comes out with an upgraded offering a month after I buy the current model. Does anyone (iwamoto?) know if there is something new on the macbook front in the near future?

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you’ll probably be safe. This page gives you the average amount of time between updates of an apple product

the guide to buying apple products

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Look at the specs available and decide if that suits your needs. If it does then go for it. Never mind how green the grass is on the other side of the next new product release.
My iBook dual USB from 2001 was what I wanted at the time and srved me well (still does as DVD player) even after newer versions came out.

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well, new machines are usually anounced around september, but i think they’ll only change the pro line….real men and women have a pro…be it macbook or mac….

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this from the guy that was using a g3 blue and white up until like a month ago

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haha, no no, ibook 12” 2005 latest… i’m just trying to get you buying a pro because…well…why not, i’m sure one day you’ll need all that power :)

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i have a new 17“pro at work…not sure I have really been all that impressed with it compared to my imac I gave up for it

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have you had a chance to look at the glossy screens at work?

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my macbook pro has a glossy screen as well ;) well, i adjusted it with an eye-one pro, so that’s why the colors look even better, but overall, i like glossy better, it’s just that the “flat” one’s are for the pro’s because of the whole true color aspect

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are you better or worse able to view it outside?

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(wow…bad syntax)

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actually a bit better, still, if the sun is staring you directly in the screen, it’s always hard to get a clear view, no big difference in the full sun, but all in all, the gloss scores a bit better

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sweet. apple store here i come.

: ) Thanks

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….... I like my matte screen. I do not miss glossyness. Ugh, art on glossy screens is SO FRUSTRATING.

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Apple’s official policy if a new product and or price change occurs: All purchases have a 14 day return policy. Return an opened computer within 14 days from the time of purchase, and you’ll pay a 10% restocking fee. If a newer model or a price adjustment should occur during those 14 days, you have another 14 days from the date of the announcement to get the price adjustment or exchange for the new model. You may still have to pay the restocking fee, though. Basically, if you buy a new computer and then, 14 days later, Apple releases a new one, you have two weeks to exchange or get a price adjustment.

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Even if the new ones were released in a month I wouldn’t worry about it. I doubt anything significant will be added. A slightly faster CPU, maybe a better GPU, probably the same RAM, and a slightly bigger hard drive. It could be 10% faster, nothing to really be concerned about.

Unless you work with video you probably wont peg your CPU at 100% very often anyway. RAM is the most important thing anyway. Buy as much RAM as you can cram in it.

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Yeah, but don’t buy your RAM from apple, get it from or or what not

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I’ve never heard of a restocking fee, maybe that’s specific to a particular shop?

Generally there is a remorse period in the T&C of sale (legal requirement in many places) so on the off chance a significantly more suitable model comes out right after you buy, you just exercise that right to return/swap.

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Mac recently was the first to come out with Intel’s new core duo processor. PC’s are just beginning to ship. There should not be upgrades for awhile.

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I think there is actually a reason to wait, and that’s why I am. There was quite a lot of rumoring about a newly redesigned form factor for the MBP’s, as it has been essentially unchanged for several years. One could chalk that up as good design to start with. My guess is smaller, lighter, new processors, perhaps an extended trackpad… just search Mac rumors sites. They unfortunately haven’t talked about the MacBook line since WWDC. (Oh, one last thought… one of the best reasons for waiting is the immediate price drop of the current top-of-line… I usually stay 1 generation back to let them work out the bugs.)

Good luck!

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YES! YES! YES! There are tons of rumors flying around at MacRumors. I was thinking about buying a MacBook, but decided to wait… You should, too.

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