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Pain from elbow to armpit?

Asked by viainfested (435points) July 4th, 2010

This happened about 2 days ago when I first noticed it. There’s no swelling, numbness, redness, discoloration or bruise of any kind. It does hurt when I touch it though. Does not feel like a pulled muscle. Anyone have any slight ideas on what it could be?

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When you say it hurts when you touch it, what part are you touching that hurts? Did you fall or hit your arm on anything? The best thing to do is go have a doctor check it out.

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Is there any cut or insect bite? Is the pain travelling? Getting worse and worse and moving up your arm systematically? Like it started near your elbow, and every 12 hours you notice it is growing several inches higher?

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@Seaofclouds right above my elbow is the worst, i can feel the pain up until about the middle of my bicep.

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I’m concerned about an infection, which would be very dangerous, since you describe it as not visible externally, but that should be growing and getting worse and worse. I wonder if it could be a tendon problem since it is from the joint? Let’s see what @Seaofclouds says.

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@JLeslie I’m thinking it’s somewhat related to my job. I also draw a lot. So I’m assuming I did something from working 4 hours straight, in the same position, doing the same repetitive motions.

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Oh, that makes sense. Just let it rest, don’t use it in that position for a few days, and maybe buy something to keep it immobilized if it does not feel better in a few days. Also, take ibuprofen/Advil two pills (each pill should be 200 mg) if you are under 120 pounds, 3 pills if over, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water with the pill and have at least a couple of crackers to protect your tummy. I think you will feel better in about 50 minutes after taking the meds, but be careful to not strain the area just because you feel better.

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Working for hours straight in the same position will cause muscles to cramp up. Stretch it and let it rest for a bit. Then in the future while working, be sure to take a break and stretch every so often.

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It could be “tennis elbow” have you been hammering or anything like that?

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You can actually get ‘tennis elbow’ without doing anything terribly strenuous. I experience pain and weakness in and around my elbow joints if I sit at the computer too long, arms propped on the desk. What helps me is keeping a pillow under the affected area, both when I’m awake and when I’m sleeping. If it doesn’t improve in a day or so, I’d go to the doctor.

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I’ve had tennis elbow from long bouts of crocheting- so it is possible to stress a joint through movement that even seems gentle.

Rest the joint, then in the future take stretch breaks. There’s an iPhone app that’s a stretch reminder, also one for windows pc’s. Here are some good work stretches that even those in retail can manage.

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Sounds like tendonitus or tennis elbow to me, too.

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That all sounds reasonable, I still say ibuprofen, did you try taking some?

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Yes, I would agree with @JLeslie ; rest it and take an anti-imflammatory if you can tolerate them.

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@JLeslie I’ll try taking some today. I’m supposed to work today too, but I’ll see what my boss says.

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turns out i had this massive bruise form after a few days, took awhile but i think it’s finally gone. no idea what it was from. lol

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I feel like the outter part of my elbow and the underneath of my armpit is bruised…but ots not. Behind my neck in lypmphnode theres a knot. All of this is on my left side. I was having chills for 3 days. Doctor did blood count and said it came back good. Im exhausted and now my throats swollen :( Dr said hes not sure whats wrong. I feel sick. Any ideas?

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