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What is the best art museum in Ohio?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) February 17th, 2011

I want to take a little field trip and was wondering what the most well-known art museum (with the largest collection) is?

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Here is an argument for Toledo’s:

“But after a recent trip, it’s clear the Toledo Museum of Art can hold its own with Cincinnati’s — and I mean that in a good way, since the breadth and strengths of Cincinnati’s collection are impressive.

Toledo can be visited on a day trip, although you do have to save a good three or four hours to really see the museum’s campus with its monumental, Ionic-columned classical-style main building, additions and outdoor sculpture. Fridays are especially convenient for a visit, as the museum — which has free admission — is open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. With 30,000 objects, Toledo’s collection is only half the size of Cincinnati’s and less than Cleveland’s 42,000, but it’s three times that of Columbus. Still, size isn’t everything in art — my eyes can glaze over pretty quickly looking at too many small stone antiquities or works on paper.

But, first off, Toledo has an outstanding collection of glass objects — the finest I’ve seen and one that will surprise anyone with its beauty, complexity and history.”

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@marinelife -Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! That is the one I was thinking of too but of course couldn’t remember….. :)
Thank you for the link too!

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I am from Toledo, Ohio, originally. I know for a fact that its museum, which is funded by a continuing grant from a foundation set up by glass magnate Edward Drummond Libbey, is better than the one in Columbus – the other Ohio city where I lived. I haven’t seen the museums in Cleveland or Cincinnati, but I can vouch for the exhibits at the Toledo Museum. It’s noteworthy for its amazing collection of glass art.

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Toledo Art Museum for sure. I grew up in Toledo and I didn’t know that most museums don’t have their actual artifacts/pieces on display (Toledo does). They have an impressive collection that rivals some bigger/better cities. Its actually one of the few good things in Toledo.

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Oooh. I don’t know about the best, but here in Youngstown we have the Butler Institute of American Art. It isn’t terribly far from you, so it could be worth consideration.

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@tedd , we have a pretty nice zoo, too, and there’s Bay View Park. The Toledo Symphony is pretty good for a city Toledo’s size, too. I used to go to the concerts pretty regularly when I lived there.

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@everyone-Thank you for all the suggestions! The Toledo zoo is on my list too….—The symphony would be great as well- :))

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Once The Cleveland Museum of Art is done renovating, it will be spectacular. Right now, it’s good, but I would still wait until it’s finished. And, except for the special ticketed shows – generally only one running at a time – it’s free. You can put money in the donation bin, but you’re not obligated. If you go, I’ll feel like my membership fee went to a good cause!

Some day I want to go to Toledo’s art museum too, because I love glass work. And Columbus’ art museum is nice, although small.

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