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Would you have shaken hands with this septic tank cleaner?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) February 17th, 2011

A guy came around our neighborhood handing out business cards for this company. He had on dirty clothes and his truck looked liked a rolling septic tank. Flies surrounded it. His face was dirty and his shoes were a dark brown color. We do not have a septic tank, so his services were not needed. He reached out his hand to give me a handshake. Instead, I said, “no thanks, just give me the card”. He left and I could not wash my hands enough. I burned his card. Question: did I over react to this situation or would you have done the same?

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If a man shovels sh*t all day, he should not expect anyone to want to shake his hand—nor fist-bump either for that matter.

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Oh, dear. I’m a chicken. I would have shaken the poor guy’s hand. Or most anyone’s hand. I won’t even be so cruel as to describe the septic tank man we had decades ago. The blessed soul looked like a monster and probably scared little children.

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No I wouldn’t shake his hand but I would be up for a piece of his immune system! :)

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I’d shake his hand out of courtesy, then wash mine. No big.

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@VS GA. You are right. He should not expect people to be doing that. oh, dear.

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@Cruiser what? I don’t get it. I knew a woman who cleaned porta potties!!! this was in Arkansas.

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Lol…..I would then just wash after…..

If I had his job, I would try to shake everyone’s hand….

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Spread it around??

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I’d shake and wash. Then pee.

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@john65pennington lol, make people uncomfortable

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@Aster I hate getting sick and anybody who has been exposed to all of what he has been exposed to and is still alive has to have an armor plated immune system is all.

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I failed to mention his wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth.

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@john65pennington I may lose my breakfast after this question. It would be an interesting study that would determine the difference in bacteria from a septic man and a public toilet handle.

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Poop from healthy people is not so germ laden. When is was first nursing, we had no gloves. We had shitty hands hundreds of times, washed and had a sandwich. But I wouldn’t have given anyone my hand to shake either!! I’d have made a joke with him, too.

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If I recall correctly, dentists only started wearing gloves about 25 years ago, give or take. Doctors I am not sure about, but probably not much different.

As for the septic guy, I don’t like to insult people but I don’t think I would have done the handshake.

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