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Theoretically, what Nobel prize could you be up for?

Asked by seazen (6113points) February 17th, 2011

Well… genius?


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Literature, I guess. One of my songs may be good enough to be considered a great piece of literature (Not really). If I have to go to Stockholm as a condition of winning, I’d pass and let the runner-up take it.

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If Henry Kissinger can get the Nobel peace prize then the sky is the limit for me.

What a crock of s*** the Nobel prizes have turned out to be.

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Chemistry. I have great chemistry.

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World Class Cute-itude. Just ask Katawagrey.

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Basket weaving. 101.

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Over-analysation. If that’s even a word…

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Well it won’t be for bicycle safety awareness that’s for sure. I’ve had no-bell on mine for too long now. Not exactly a “ringing” endorsement now is it? Just thought i’d “chime” in with my twopenneth :¬)

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and this year’s Nobel Prize for Sarcasm is awarded to me!
@Odysseus – yes, they have rather turned into a parody of themselves!

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