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What would you grab if your house was on fire?

Asked by dreamer31 (1932points) February 17th, 2011

If the house was on fire and everyone/pets were out and you could grab something that you could not imagine living without, what would it be? Mine would be all of my pictures, and trust me; the chest that most of them are in, would be challenging!

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My laptop, my ipod, my binder—it has 2 awesome spakers i put in), my printer, and whatever else I couls stuff into some pillow cases.

Also, why is this in meta?

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As long as the people and kitties are safe, I don’t care. Stuff is just stuff.

I might grab my Nana’s book journal on the way out, but that’s about it.

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Since I’m terribly afraid of a fire, I doubt I would attempt to save anything even if given the opportunity. Maybe if my purse were within grabbing distance on the way out I would grab it.
@XOIIO yes this should be moved to Social:)

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Pctures, Purse (has all my ID and checkbook and car keys), cell phone.

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Purse if it was hanging off the chair where it usually is. I’d love to take my jewelry box, my mother’s diamond ring. I wonder if I’d even think of it.

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Pets, photos, a painting that my Grandma did and a few clothing items that mean a lot to me (were my Mom’s).

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Laptop, Kindle, Sherlock DVDs. XD

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My laptop would be enough.

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My computer, camera, external hard drives, my mokeskines and my knife roll.

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Small firesafe, other important documents are in a safety deposit box. A photo album that’s near my nightstand. My husband, kids and pets.

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@cak If it is a firesafe, couldn’t you leave it and pick something else up since it won’t be harmed? :-)
You can smack me for being a smart a$$.

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@chyna – I’m too convinced it won’t work! My husband thinks I am nuts, I’m sure he’s right.

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@cak brings up a terribly important point, all of the other living beings in the building that’s on fire would be of top priority.

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@everephebe The question states that all humans and animals are out. Poster wants to know what items you would grab.
@cak Better safe (no pun intended) than sorry.

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a pair of shoes and coat

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as long as people and animals were out, i really would not scramble for anything but to get out.

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@chyna Touche. I think I read it before posting originally, then I forgot about it and panicked that I was a evil immoral ___ when I saw @cak‘s post. I was like oh no I forgot Thelma, why!

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@everephebe You get a GA for that. I burst out laughing! Thelma!

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@talljasperman I thought that, too, and then thought I’d be in a neighbor’s house. We sure are Canadians! I do think I’d grab blankets off the couch.

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@chyna As you may have guessed Thelma is my pet cat, she’s named -however unfortunately or not after an Ursula K. Le Guin book series character, in Catwings, which I enjoyed when I was younger.

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I would get all of my collectables and my purse .

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After all the people/pets, my laptop. It has all my photos on it, and all the passwords for everything I do. Since I would have to throw my laptop off my lap to get out anyway, I might as well take it with me.

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Kitties, husband, and writings. Everything else can burn.

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@everephebe that made me laugh! lurve for you

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My important documents and my laptop. It has all my photos on and all my writing and work. So as long as all living things are safe, I would be fine if I have that. Maybe my jewellery too… sentimental pieces… damn, I hope it’s a slow burn!

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Ironically, I would grab my zippo first or second, actually.

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Other than my kids, I have a folder with my passport and other items. I’d grab that, and a coat.

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Photos. I have a box of family photos that goes as far back as the early 1900s. (Strangely enough, I just scanned a bunch of them to put online just a few minutes ago.) That box of photos is priceless and obviously can not be replaced.
It would be difficult not to want to grab my grandmother’s sewing machine. She left me that sewing machine when she passed, and the sentimental value is enormous. Luckily it is right by the front door and easily lifted, so, it wouldn’t be impossible. Assuming I was going out the front door, that is.

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My laptop because it has so much on it
Birth certificate
Everything I’ve put on display on the walls of my bedroom (it’s up cause it matters to me: artwork I’ve done, pictures, first pointe shoes, and then a bunch of other random memory-things)
The dance videos I couldn’t replace
My guitar…

Wow I’d be dead by now (taking things off walls? searching through DVDs? I’m not the smartest in a fire am I) so I guess I couldn’t take anything else. Hm.

Good thing everyone’s out, or I wouldn’t get any of that.. I remember when I still had my bird—I can be a bit paranoid—I’d plan how I’d save him in different scenarios, because I wouldn’t leave him in a cage in a burning house..

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The oppurtunity to scream like a six year old girl. Any excuse really.

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The refridgerator and the piano…

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My viola and laptop probably

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If all living things were out, my laptop definitely since most pictures, documents, etc. are all right there together.

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My son just informed me that if the house was on fire, I would have to grab all of his RC cars. I’m running out of hands.

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@cak Put the firesafe down! Now! It’s fireproof. Pick up your sons RC cars!

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@chyna – It’s that damn perfectionist personality. I can carry it all. I’m sure I’ll grow an arm out of my ass. Oh wait, I can balance something on my nose.

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