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When should i quit gaming?

Asked by zachs08 (40points) April 15th, 2008

Whens the time to stop playin n do other stuff?

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never i guess…i’ll never stop anyway

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That’s like asking “when is it time to stop Fluthering?” It’s up to the individual I guess. Or if your wife tells you too.

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when i say gaming i mean like, well im 13 and go on my xbox a lot (its broke atm ;( ) so im wondering when should i well not exactly quit but kind of let go.. if u know what i mean/move on..

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I’m 25 and am an avid gamer. I don’t think there’s any right answer as long as games don’t consume your life. You need to have balance, and you need to know when enough’s enough.

I was a World of Warcraft addict for a couple of years and it dominated everything. It even took precedence over some of my University classes, and I hate to admit it, even my girlfriend at times. This article really helped me change my tune and identify with a lot of the problems that were affecting me.

So my advice would be: games are great, have some buddies over and play some multiplayer Halo or something. Just don’t start using them instead of going out and doing stuff. Games aren’t life.

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oh and hairy, im not married lol

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kid, im 21 now, and my collection still keeps growing…ahem, the corner

but i realy agree with adrian, don’t let the junk keep you down!

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Never…...well unless you are tired of it and want to quit

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@iwamoto…. nice…esp representing old school nintendo.. but where’s the atari 2600 at :-)

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i do have an atari STe @ my folks house, myabe i’ll throw in the 2600 when i get some more space…or a sega genesis…well, the PS3 is up first, MGS4 edition ;)

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When it starts having a negative effect on other important areas of your life.

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Well, being an xbox widow I would say when people think you’re dead because you’re playing so much then it might be time to put the joystick down.

Seriously, as much as I tease my husband about his addiction problem he does make a reasonable attempt at balance. Make it a reward for yourself & try to limit play time if you feel you’ve got a problem.

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Apparently you mean “stop” and “let go” as in, stop altogether because you think it’s incompatible with being an adult, which it’s not. Adults who forget the value and practice of play in life tend to become incomplete unhappy people. But you might start looking at more sophisticated games, computer or otherwise. Gaming tastes evolve with who you are, and there are some fascinating games for sophisticated gamers. Just broaden your exploration of games as you broaden your exploration of life, and do what works for you.

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thanks zaku =]

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Just stop short of Carpel Tunnel!

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I am 33 and I do not see an end in sight for my gaming addiction. Infact, as the games get better my addiction grows. I do try and make it a point to involve everyone in the room with the game while it is on and if my wife ever told me to put it away I would respect that. Gaming is a part of my life, social and personal. I am a little bit nerdy and I have no problem with that. I still eat, I still work, I still go out….Gaming has not consumed me to sloth status.

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Gaming is a hobby to be enjoyed like any other. Once a hobby spills over into other areas of your life and takes precedence you have a problem.

I’m 25, and I just bought another game on Sunday [Fable, the lost chapters]. Yeah so what if it’s old – I just want to play it. :)

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and right you are, i realy liked fable and looking forward to the 2nd installment :)

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The best time to stop would be when gaming interferes with another part of your life, say a loved one, school, hygiene, work, etc.

Now, no one ever has to stop gaming, but instead can take a break from it. During the end of my junior year in high school, when the standardized tests and final exams were coming around, I took a break from World of Warcraft to fully concentrate on my studies. Once I got through (with flying colors by the way), I continued playing WoW again.

There is nothing wrong with gaming. Managing time for life and gaming without sacrificing one or the other is the best way to solve things.

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